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Five Eco Friendly Beauty Products You Need To Know About in 2021

Although I would not call myself a skin care expert, throughout the past few years I have been aiming to try and solely use ethically made beauty products that would benefit myself without harming our planet. Here are some eco-friendly products I recommend.

1. Bamboo Washcloths

The bamboo washcloths are a great alternative to single-use makeup removing wipes. Not only are these washcloths extremely soft but they are also more naturally absorbent than standard cotton cloths, hence they are able to remove more product from your skin in comparison to common makeup removers. The ingredients of these washcloths vary depending on the brand creating them, but typically they are mostly made up of viscose bamboo and organic cotton fibers. Another environmental benefit from using these washcloths is that bamboo requires less energy and resources to manufacture in comparison to other materials such as cotton. All of these eco-friendly qualities as well as the benefits they can have on your skin make bamboo washcloths a much more appealing product compared to their competitors. 

2. Silk floss

Silk floss is a product that is completely natural and a zero-waste product. Since this product is derived completely from natural products, it is the more sustainable option as it can be produced indefinitely. Unlike most dental flosses, silk floss does not contain nylons and plastics which are harmful to the environment. In comparison to plastic floss, silk floss provides the same dental care experience, and the ingredients for silk floss including natural silk, candelilla wax and mint make it completely harmless for the environment. 

3. Mineral Sunscreen

[bf_image id="q74cv1-4tj5dk-fsuzwx"] Although wearing sunscreen daily is important, it is also equally important to use environmentally safe sunscreens. In mineral sunscreens, the two most active ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are both eco-friendly. In comparison to chemical sunscreens, mineral sunscreen provides more protection against the full spectrum of ultraviolet radiation. Since mineral sunscreens work as a deflector and block the UV rays instead of breaking down the heat energy, they do not cause any damage to the environment and are the more environmentally conscious choice.

4. Shampoo Bars 

[bf_image id="q9z6iq-6thfdk-cf9uhf"] Shampoo Bars are definitely one of the most eye-catching environmentally conscious products as both their ingredients as well as their packaging do not harm the environment. Although on the market there are currently shampoo brands advertising themselves to be environmentally safe due to the ingredients used, they fail to mention that the containers of their product are made of single-use plastic. Almost all shampoo bars manufactured are completely cruelty-free, non-toxic and are made ethically with minimal packaging. In comparison to typical shampoos made with ingredients such as palm oil, Sodium lauryl sulphate and packaged in mostly plastic containers, shampoo bars are a much more appealing alternative to these products.

5. Konjac Sponges

These super soft sponges made directly from the root of the Japanese plant Konjac are completely biodegradable and all-natural. Although they are called sponges, they do not work exactly like your typical sponge as they harden after each use, so you must soak them before each use in order to get the most out of each time. All of these sponges come in different colors depending on the active ingredients they contain, but all are said to be great exfoliants to gently remove and cleanse skin. You can use these konjac sponges often for many different uses such as cleansing, exfoliating and removing makeup. These sponges are essential as they promote good skin health and are also environmentally friendly.

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Meagan is a student at Florida State University located in Tallahassee, Florida. She's a second-year staff writer for Her Campus and is double majoring in Marketing & Management Information Systems. In her spare time she enjoys reading, acai bowls, and finding new workouts!
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