Five 90s Trends Making a Comeback This Spring

Although the majority of us collegiettes were exclusively wearing diapers throughout the 90s, that doesn't mean that we can’t appreciate some of the more iconic trends that graced this era. And let’s be honest here, you’d definitely be lying if you said 90s icon Rachel Green didn't totally make you wish you could pull off denim overalls.

However, no matter how tempted we are to remember the 90s through rose-colored glasses, we also have to keep in mind that all that glitters isn’t gold. The 90s were also a decade of bleached tips, pencil-thin eyebrows and bowl haircuts (which we aren't quite as sad we missed out on).

Lucky for us 90s girls-at-heart, five of the most fabulous fashion throwbacks from the end of the twentieth century are making a return to your closet this spring.

1. Sheer Fabric

No going-out look was complete in the 90s without at least one sheer article of clothing. For a modern twist on this classic trend, throw this oversized sheer tee from Forever 21 over a cute bralette. 

Courtesy: Forever 21 

2. Denim

Although denim has never truly gone out of fashion, it definitely peaked in popularity throughout the latter half of the 90s. We love the vintage feel that the patch embellishments give this acid washed denim jacket.

Courtesy: KodChaPhorn on Etsy

3. Fanny Packs

We’re not going to lie here, this one definitely took us by surprise too. Could these mom-style waist packs really be coming back into fashion? Well, according to stores like Urban Outfitters, the answer is yes! Granted, these fanny packs are nothing like the ones your grandma used to wear on vacation. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this totally chic Glitter Belt Bag

Courtesy: Urban Outfitters

4. Tiny Sunglasses

While oversized sunnies may have dominated most of the early to mid-2000's, it’s time to toss away your huge shades and replace them with some of these teensy tiny 90s-inspired ones instead. 

Courtesy: ASOS

5. Scrunchies

Finally, what 90s revival would be complete without the return of the oh-so-adored scrunchie. Whether you wear them in your hair or on your wrist, we recommend you give this blush pink and denim blue assortment pack a try this spring.

Courtesy: Francescas 

If you decide to try out any of these retro 90s-inspired pieces in your spring wardrobe, be sure to share your style by tagging Her Campus FSU in your photos!