Felicia Viola: How She Maintains a High GPA and Still Balances Her Passions and Social Life

Name: Felicia Viola

Major: Nursing

Year: Sophomore

Courtesy: Felicia Viola

This week I had the opportunity to interview Felicia Viola. She is a Sophomore at Florida State. She is involved in Greek life, has a 3.95 GPA and still has an active social life. I was curious to learn about how she is able to maintain a social life while keeping up with her grades and holding a position in her sorority.

Her Campus (HC): What made you want to have a position in your sorority?

Felicia Viola (FV): I really wanted to get the most out of my college experience. I truly enjoy being in Alpha Phi and all of the friendships that I have gained throughout my time at Florida State. I wanted to be able to give back. I am a strong believer that you get back what you put in. I love to give my time and energy for an organization that has given me my best friends.

HC: How do you balance school with your position?

FV: Grades are my number one priority hands down. To balance it sometimes you need to give up things that you normally wouldn’t want to give up. Maybe that means not going out with your friends or having to skip that date function. It’s a sacrifice that you are going to have to make, so if you’re going to skip something be sure to use that extra time wisely and get a lot accomplished. You may have to wake up earlier than you normally would just to get a few extra hours to study.

HC: How do you stay organized?

FV: I have a planner that has times in it for the whole week. That way, I am able to plan which hours I will be studying or at the gym or at the house for meetings. Something that really helps me stay organized is always having my room clean (I don’t really make my bed because I’m going to be sleeping in it in a few hours anyway). I believe that if your room is cluttered then your mind and your life will be cluttered. Your room is your space and you want to make sure it is clean and organized. Something else that helps me to stay organized is to always check my emails in the morning. This helps me make sure that nothing has come up and that I’m not forgetting anything. Also, check your planner in the morning and set reminders on your phone for super important events or homework. I took a lot of online classes too and it is crucial to stay organized and stay on top of it because you could easily forget about an assignment or a quiz.

HC: What is your current goal?

FV: My goal is to always do my best. Sure that sounds cheesy, but if I give a class my all and do the absolute best I can, then I will not be upset with the final outcome. I know that I did all I could and that will help me sleep at night and I won’t beat myself up over it. I really want to get the best out of what I have been given.

HC: What advice would you give to someone coming to FSU?

FV: I know that this experience can be overwhelming. I know that there will be a lot going on all at once (especially at first and during fall) but you need to remember to keep your vision focused. School and classes always come first – everything else is temporary. There will be more parties throughout your years at Florida State; you do not need to attend one that is the night before a huge exam. Do not procrastinate – you will end up stressing more in the end. Get your priorities straight – pick and choose the most important things in your life. Sometimes, some hobbies may have to take the back seat, but you need to decide and make a commitment to your top priorities.