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Fashion Inc.’s Children’s Day at Museum of Florida History

Once a year, Fashion Incorporated, an FSU organization, participates in Children’s Day, an event where kids are able to participate in arts and crafts, watch plays, and explore our state’s history, as listed in last week’s article Fashion Festivities (http://www.hercampus.com/school/fsu/fashion-festivities). The event is held at the Museum of Florida History here in Tallahassee, off of Bronough Street, every year. This year the event was this past Saturday, January 29thfrom 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Fashion Inc. does different craft ideas for the children each year. This year, they helped the children color and decorate paper dolls with fabric, markers, crayons, beads, ribbons, glitter, and other arts and craft goods, which allowed them to show their creative sides. The members were able to interact with the kids and help them with making the dolls look fantastic.

Many of the children used crayons to color in the plain white paper, while others decided to use colored paper and decorate from there. A number of young girls added flowers to look like belts, headpieces, buttons, or shoes. They added beads to make a necklace or to spice up the outfits. However, the decorating did not stop there! Several of the girls added hair by using shredded paper. While the main interest of the project was for girls, boys were not left out of the picture. Numerous boys were able to color and decorate either boy dolls to keep for themselves or girl dolls to give to their mothers and sisters. The possibilities were endless and let the kids span their creative minds!

While most booths gave the kids candy, posters, or small trinkets, Fashion Inc. was able to be interactive with the kids.  The event even helped the members open up to new ways of approaching creativity. Aside from visiting booths, the kids watched various plays, including ‘The Cat in the Hat,’ and enjoyed a tap dancing number performed to a soundtrack of popular music. Throughout the day, the ground floor was open for kids to visit Florida history exhibitions. At the end of the day, the kids left with joyful, smiling faces and treats to take back home.

Not only did the children get to decorate, but Fashion Inc. members got to create and decorate some of their own dolls as well. As Fashion Inc. members finished their dolls, they were hung up on the wall so that they could serve as examples for the children. Here is a picture of one the dolls one of the Fashion Inc. members made at the event with the help of some other members.

If you are interested in getting involved with other Fashion Inc. events, be sure to check out last week’s article, Fashion Festivities, which gives more information about the organization.

Viviana Victoria is a sophomore at the Florida State University, class of 2013, double majoring in Retail Merchandising & Product Development and the new English track offered at FSU, editing, writing, and media. Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, moving up to Tallahassee was quite a change. During her first year in college, after changing her major three times, she was fortunate enough to discover her passion for writing this early on. Her goal is to write for a major fashion magazine or to be a screenplay writer in the future. She is an active member of the Collegiate Merchandising Association (CMA) at FSU, as well as a contributing writer of College Magazine, an advice publication for college students founded by a graduate student of Maryland. Some of her interests include playing sports, reading, working out, and basically having a good time. Her ultimate life goal is to touch lives and to be remembered as the girl who always made people smile regardless of what was thrown her way.
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