Fall(ing) for Tallahassee: Your Guide to Autumn in the Capital City

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Sorry Christmas enthusiasts but fall outdoes winter every time. Here’s how to spend your fall at Florida State:

Florida State football, of course

There are only seven games left, including the biggest and best games of the season: Florida, Clemson, and Miami. Embrace this and make it your goal to go to all the upcoming home games. Wear your favorite fall colors and say goodbye to sweating all your makeup off in the first quarter. Cooler weather is on its way. Hopefully, the wind will blow in some luck to our team getting to a bowl game.

Courtesy: Bleacher Report

Friday night block party

With every home game comes a free concert in Collegetown. If you haven’t attended one yet, you should definitely make an effort to. The upcoming acts are Mitchell Tenpenny for the Wake Forest game, Riley Green for the Clemson game, Brown and Gray for the Boston College game, and Morgan Wallen for the Florida game.

Railroad Square

Visit the outdoorsy shops and markets in the arts center of Tallahassee. Railroad Square is the place where the trendy of the trendy shop and there is no better time to visit than the fall when the weather highlights the open-concept market instead of ruining it. Make sure to get a coffee at Black Dog. You won’t regret it. Additionally, every Friday, the Square has live music but the first Friday of the month is the best time to go. First Fridays have live music, food and drinks, and the nicest people you’ll ever meet.


Start planning your costumes now, it’s coming up faster than you think. I’m predicting the top three group costumes now: Kardashian next generation babies, White Claws, and the cast of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. If you’re not into putting a lot of effort towards dressing up, that’s okay too. Your simple bunny ears won’t offend anyone. Get ready for a week-long celebration of Florida State’s favorite holiday.

Pumpkin patch

It wouldn’t be fall if you didn’t go to a pumpkin patch. It’s probably the first time of the year that you will want to wear jeans and a cute sweater. Many churches in the area like Faith Presbyterian have pumpkin patches already set up. If you’re willing to wait a little longer, Wesley on campus typically has pumpkins further into fall.


Courtesy: Explore Georgia

Providence Canyon

One of the most disappointing things for my South Floridian self, was realizing that the leaves here don’t just change color as soon as the fall season starts. To avoid this disappointment, drive a couple hours into Georgia and go see Providence Canyon. The hike into this area is sure to have all the reds, oranges, and yellows that all of us Florida kids can only dream of.

Fruit Picking

Just because we don’t grow apples here doesn’t mean you should completely avoid this fall activity. Orchard Pond and Jubilee Farms both offer different U-Pick fruits. My roommates and I went to a U-Pick over the summer to buy fruit and it’s way cheaper. We filled buckets of fruit for less than what we would’ve gotten at Publix.

Farmer’s market

In Market Square, there is a large farmer’s market with all the different farms and vendors in the area. Saturdays are definitely the busiest but the market is open from 8 a.m - 3 p.m. The earlier you go, the better stuff they have, so think of it as practice for waking up for your 8 a.m.


Don’t hate me but is it really Fall if you don’t order at least one Pumpkin Spice Latte? Even if you don’t really like pumpkin spice, I feel like you have to order it once to remember why you don’t like it.