Fall In Lunar Love with Herbert Felix

Name: Herbert Felix

Year: Senior

Major/ Minor: Editing, Writing and Media/ Film Studies

Hometown: Miami, FL

Relationship Status: Single

This handsome honey is not letting the vibrant “vignettes” that have made him the eclectic individual he is today go to waste. Through a myriad of outlets, Herbert has produced some really beautiful work, showcasing how in touch he is with himself and life in general, which is truly a rarity.

Courtesy: Herbert Felix

Her Campus (HC): So, appropriately enough, how did we meet?

Herbert Felix (HF): You stood out. So when the opportunity presented itself I took it.

HC: There you told me about your first film, Vicious Cycle,” and how you’d like to work with me on future projects.

HF: Correct.

HC: Sum up Vicious Cycle” in three words.

HF: Intense, intimate and relevant.

HC: Your film is very sexy and real. How do you think the audience received the message of the film? Were you satisfied? What would you change, if anything?

HF: For the most part, based on feedback, people got it. That was over a year ago, and it could always be better, but you have to know when to let things go and move on.

Courtesy: Herbert Felix

HC: What are you most into - writing, photography, acting or fashion?

HF: Filmmaking as a whole encompasses all of those things, so filmmaking.

HC: Who is your biggest influence?

HF: My momentary muse.

HC: Why didn’t you go into the film school?

HF: I hesitated, and never pulled the trigger.

HC: Are you happy with your decision?

HF: Remove one piece and the entire structure falls.

HC: You graduate soon, what’s next? Or what would you hope to be next?

HF: Take over the world.

HC: Explain to me in detail your ideal photoshoot.

HF: Jane Birkin, somewhere in Paris. 

Courtesy: Herbert Felix

HC: What is your ideal date?

HF: I enjoy the night, intimate settings and good conversations.

HC: Favorite movie?

HF: I have too many, there’d be a list. I can name a few directors whose films would be on that list, though. Godard, Malick, Fincher, Hitchcock, Nolan, Affleck, Iñárritu, Linklater, Refn and more.

HC: Favorite band, artist or song?

HF: It varies; I listen to film scores mostly.