Fall in Love With Dillon Freeman

Name: Dillon Freeman

Year: Senior

Major: English – Editing, Writing and Media

Hometown: Palm Harbor, FL

Relationship Status: Single

Current Employment: Dunkin Donuts on Campus

Her Campus (HC): So Dillon, how often do people ask you if you work at Dunkin Donuts?

Dillon Freeman (DF): NEVER. I recognize almost every single customer when I’m walking around campus, but not once has anyone ever looked twice at me. It’s really heartbreaking because I think I’m really doing a service for these people and they don’t even notice me!

HC: What’s your go-to Dunkin order?

DF: A strawberry frosted donut with sprinkles and a black iced coffee.

HC: What are your thoughts on Starbucks?

DF: I’m not a hater; I support Starbucks too. Barista love!

HC: Got any plans for spring break? 

DF: This spring break I’m going to New York City! I didn’t tell my parents, I just booked a ticket. I’m planning my trip around Doughnut Plant. They supposedly have rose petals on their glazed donuts, which is kind of kooky.

HC: Do you see yourself always working with donuts or do you have other ambitions? Not that there’s anything wrong with donuts!

DF: I want to be in the film industry! My dream job is working for A24 films, which is my favorite production company.

HC: Sounds exciting! Are you doing anything with film now?

DF: I’m currently an intern with the Torchlight program doing social media marketing for independent films!

HC: What’s your favorite film?

DF: My most recent favorite film is Whiplash! I was so awestruck by it that I saw it in theatres two days in a row.

HC: What are your opinions about television?

DF: I don’t watch too much TV, but I do enjoy Celebrity Apprentice and The Mindy Project. I also pretend to watch Mad Men.