Everything You Need To Know About the Plan To Kidnap Governor Whitmer

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was subject to a kidnapping planned by a small Michigan domestic terrorist group of 13 that have now been charged. The FBI planted an undercover informant and sent them to one of the group's meetings in their secret underground space. In a report posted by CNN, Whitmer has been the focus of extreme accusations from far-right groups over her handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The group’s goal was to try Governor Whitmer for “treason” before the 2020 general election. With all the breaking news surrounding this topic, here are the most important facts about this kidnapping plot that you don’t want to miss:

The Ringleader

The ringleader is 37-year-old Adam Fox from Grand Rapids. He is the head of this domestic terrorist group and after being charged, it was revealed that he had more intentions than just trying Governor Whitmer for treason. He told FBI agents that he planned to take Whitmer out to the middle of Lake Michigan and leave her stranded. Also, the meetings for the group were held in his home where he lived in a basement underneath a vacuum shop that was accessible through a trap door. 

Other Targets

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was a named target. Northam who is a Democrat just like Whitmer was mentioned by the militia group as a possible kidnap target due to his coronavirus response. This was discovered by the planted agent that revealed the group was deciding between different Democratic Governors before narrowing it down to Michigan Governor Whitmer.

dirty police car Matt Popovich

Whitmer’s Cottage

Adam Fox and his group spied outside of Whitmer’s Michigan cottage as a part of their plan. They took photos of the cottage as well as inside the windows. This was discovered due to the confidential informant who took pictures of Adam Fox photographing the cottage. These close-up photos were a piece of the puzzle for going through with their elaborate plan. Also, the group took boats out and took surveillance footage of the governor’s vacation house near Elk Lake. There was also a picture of a bridge that the FBI noted as a part of the group’s plan to set off explosives to destroy the bridge and delay the police response time to the house. 

The Forest

Just outside of Grand Rapids, Ohio the group met in a rural village located in the forest to train. The group used the yard only two times for what they called tactical training in preparation to kidnap local politicians. The court documents said that black powder and balloons were found as materials used to make a bomb that would be sent to Governor Whitmer. The group focused on Whitmer’s vacation home and summer residence as targets as they prepared for the bombmaker to deliver the lethal explosive device. 

The Pizza Guy

Fox described another plotting exercise that was sending one of the group members disguised as a pizza delivery person to Whitmer’s door. The goal was to shoot her on the spot once she opened the door. This was one of their tactics as they focused on the larger picture of attacking the capital building as a way to recruit more like-minded people that would potentially join their domestic terrorist organization. 

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