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Everything You Missed On YouTube Last Week

Last week, the YouTube community saw an abundance of uploads among some of the most popular creators and influencers. Between late night talk show segments, internet documentaries and fan-favorite vlogs, the trending page was constantly shifting — so much so that videos with millions of views were getting lost among viewers’ feeds. Without further ado, here are five trending YouTube videos from last week so you can stay updated.

The Late Late Show’s “Justin Bieber Carpool Karaoke 2020”

In this video, which earned ten million views and counting, Justin Bieber made an appearance on James Corden’s segment of Carpool Karaoke. Bieber just released his highly-anticipated album Changes, so to promote it he sang along to some of his popular songs: “I Don’t Care,” “Yummy,” “Love Yourself,” “Intentions,” and “One Less Lonely Girl.” Throughout the car ride, Bieber and Corden made up TikTok dances, discussed Bieber’s tweet about fighting Tom Cruise, had a quick arm wrestle competition and talked about married life with his wife Hailey.

David Dobrik’s “Confessing His Love For My Assistant”

During Dobrik’s weekly video, fans are finally getting answers to the potential romance between his assistant, Natalie Mariduena, and his longtime best friend Toddy Smith. In past videos it seemed like the couple was simply joking about their status, but last week featured a more serious heart-to-heart between Natalie and Toddy’s ex-girlfriend. While the authenticity of this relationship is still up in the air, it is becoming a reoccurring topic within the vlogs. Along with this drama, Dobrik is up to his usual antics: he traps Suzy in a foldout bed, has professional athletes make soccer trick shots, listens to a song Toddy writes for Natalie and surprises a deserving DACA recipient with $25,000.

The Dolan Twins’ Documentary “Losing A Best Friend”

Fans of the duo may remember in 2019 when Ethan and Grayson lost their father, Sean, to cancer. This life-changing event caused the Dolan Twins to reevaluate how they produced content for their channel. The largest shift was the temporary suspension of weekly videos with the hope that it would focus the twins on making videos they truly wanted to make—not just something that would get them views. Throughout the documentary, the brothers recall their favorite memories with their father, talk about his impact and discuss the charity in their father’s name: Love from Sean. So far, Ethan and Grayson have raised over $100,000 for the charity.

Shane Dawson’s “Confronting My Strange Addiction”

In his newest series, Shane Dawson discusses his strange addiction of bedazzling things. While initially not so strange, Dawson admits he wants to bedazzle everything down to his makeup collection and merchandise. The Instagram account owner of @BlingdUp, Tiffany, also made an appearance and suggested other household items Dawson could bedazzle, gave him a custom blinged-out Conspiracy palette and left with items she would bedazzle at home. Tiffany’s creations will be revealed in part two of the series.

The Try Guys’ “Keith Eats Everything At Whataburger”

In the #EatTheMenu series, Try Guy member Keith Habersberger orders everything off of the Whataburger menu and reviews it. Over the last few months he’s featured almost every fast food restaurant you can think of, and last week Keith reviewed a Tallahassee staple. Habersberger invited his wife and a few Try Guys crew members to help him review the array of chicken sandwiches, hamburgers and other random menu items. He said it was all very reminiscent of Sonic, with a few items surprising him while others severely letting him down for being “too wet.”

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