Everything We Know About What Happened Between Kehlani and YG

Just a few months after welcoming a baby with guitarist Javie Young-White, R&B singer Kehlani broke the internet. She took to Instagram to share a series of now-deleted photos of she and rapper YG with the caption “cats out the bag (kissy emoji).” The two are pictured snuggled up with YG kissing the singer on the cheek. The couple confirmed their relationship at Kith’s New York Fashion Week show in September. The two were spotted walking hand-in-hand, smiling coyly at the paparazzi. When Kehlani was asked about the officiality of their relationship, People reported that Kehlani replied with a simple “Mhmm.” It has also been revealed that Kehlani has the rappers name tattooed on her wrist. The very public relationship came as a shock to all but fans of both artists who seemed to absolutely love the two together.

Courtesy: Hot New Hip Hop

Less than three months later, it seems as though the duo has split up. Two weeks ago, a cheating scandal, including video evidence surrounding YG surfaced. Allegedly the video shows the rapper kissing another woman outside of Poppy nightclub in Los Angeles. YG’s team presented a statement, detailing that the rapper got “carried away” and that “he was drunk and was very regretful for putting himself in that situation and hurting Kehlani” The statement also says that “he has no romantic connection to the girl, just a drunken moment carried away.” The rapper took to Instagram to say “I love Kehlani. I would never.”

Courtesy: Urban Islandz

For weeks there was no response from Kehlani until she broke her silence in her new song “You Know Wassup.” The song dropped exclusively unmixed and unmastered on SoundCloud for the world to hear. The lyrics read “Why do I gotta beg to be chosen, Over your vices, over your liquor? Why I gotta ask for flowers, I deserve roses, I deserve bigger.” She also alludes to YG by singing “You're still my love, you're still my heart, that's still my date. Still wanna be Mrs. Jackson, still wanna be a co-captain, so don't lose a girl of your dreams, Waited five years to be on my team.” The "Mrs. Jackson" portion of the lyrics refers to YG’s birth name, Keenon Jackson. The “five years” line is an extension of a tweet from Kehlani, that has since been deleted stating that “5 years in the making.” Towards the beginning of the song, there is also a clip from a YG concert in Oakland, California where he asks Kehlani to give him a kiss. Following all of these clues, fans think it is safe to say that these lyrics were undeniably written about the rapper.

Although fans are excited that the singer has released new music, many are concerned about her mental health following events that happened in 2018 during her relationship with basketball player Kyrie Irving. Her fans started a hashtag that the artist took notice to. She took to Twitter to say “but naw forreal, I’m good y’all. I see people starting a hashtag about hoping my mental is ok and me possibly needing a therapist. Lmao. I’m straight forreal. I’m an artist. I dive inward. Glad it’s doing something for you all tho. Love you.” The artist is set to release an album in the coming months.

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