Everything We Know About the Latest Tristan Thompson Cheating Rumors

If you’re anything like me, your guilty pleasure is keeping up with all things Kardashian. This week, I have been completely consumed by the developing rumors that Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian yet AGAIN. This time, though, it wasn’t with just a random girl at a club. The tea going around is that none other than Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s best friend (and wife in Peru), was spotted making out and staying the night with Tristan over the weekend. Many fans are having a hard time believing that Jordyn would ever do this to the Kardashian-Jenner family who has considered her one of them since she and Kylie became friends as toddlers. We don't know what to believe, but here's what we do know as details and family reactions continue to develop! The story was first published by TMZ who claim that Tristan flew to Los Angeles to be with Khloe and their daughter True on Valentine’s Day. That weekend though, Tristan made an appearance at a house party that Jordyn also happened to be attending. Based on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians episodes that covered Kylie trying to hide her pregnancy, it’s safe to assume that TMZ reached out to the Kardashian-Jenner clan to let them know they would be publishing the story to give them a chance to comment before doing so. As usual, the family kept it air-tight both when the story initially surfaced and when fans began to bombard them on social media asking for confirmation. Tristan, however, tweeted and then deleted a tweet claiming that the rumors were “FAKE NEWS.” His defense of the whole situation is a little funny to all us outsiders when he’s been caught red-handed before, and when Cosmo has reported that he is very carefree about the whole break-up, including the possibility of not seeing his daughter as much.

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Hollywood Unlocked on Instagram picked up the story, and someone on their staff posted a video to Instagram claiming that they without a doubt knew that the rumors were true because one of their writers was present at the house party, and that Kylie should evict Jordyn from her guest house, where Jordyn was permanently living. The writer claimed that Jordyn and Tristan were smoking hookah, that Jordyn was in his lap, and that she stayed the night. The unnamed writer also alleged that Tristan confiscated everyone’s phones that were present, presumably so photos and video of him cheating didn’t surface. Well, he’s certainly learned from his past cheating experiences! This post was enough for Khloe, best friend Malika, and family friend Laura Pippen to open their mouths once and for all. Malika commented “STRONG FACTS,” while Khloe commented a bunch of screaming emojis, and Laura commented “Amen!”

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This wasn't the last of the drama though. Khloe liked a tweet calling Tristan and Jordyn disgusting and terrible, and later in the day, the whole feud made its way back to Instagram, where Kim Kardashian and Malika unfollowed Jordyn and Tristan. This isn't Kim's first time hitting the unfollow on Tristan. Back in October, when Tristan's first cheating scandal broke with video and photo evidence plastered all over the internet, Kim was QUICK to unfollow and block Tristan. While they later made up at a family party, seemingly because Tristan and Khloe were trying to work things out, we don't think she'll be making up with him anytime soon! Laura Pippen was later spotted out in Beverly Hills and prodded by the paparazzi. When they asked her what she thought about the fact that Jordyn lives with Kylie, she responded that she doesn't know how much longer she'd be living there and that if she were Kylie, she would definitely evict her.

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Although we all feel awful for Khloe for being constantly cheated on, especially now that baby True is involved in her relationship with Tristan, we can’t help but feel bad for Kylie Jenner too. Kylie and Jordyn were the definition of #friendshipgoals over the years. Jordyn helped Kylie through her secret pregnancy, Kylie helped Jordyn through the death of her father, and the two have been through so many ups and downs in the public eye together, even collaborating on a line for Kylie Cosmetics. E! Online reported that Kylie is completely devastated by all the allegations, seeing as she is in a position where it’s her best friend versus her family, and she probably feels as though she has no choice but to pick sides. People reported that Jordyn is, in fact, moving out of Kylie's home and back in with her mother following all the drama. They also reported that Kylie and Jordyn's friendship status remains up in the air as all the wounds are still too fresh to initiate any healing. Kylie has often been vocal on social media, and on her show “Life of Kylie,” about how she would be lost without Jordyn, as they do everything together. Kylie is now in a position to lose much more than just a best friend, but someone she considers close family. We can't help but shed a tear...if celebrity break-ups make us lose faith in love, then this friend break-up will be sure to make us all non-believers!

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What do you think? Are the rumors true or are people just trying to ruin a good thing for publicity? Should Kylie have to cut off Jordyn? We’ll be sure to watch the story continue to develop on social media, and we can’t WAIT for the spicy Keeping Up episodes that will ensue! In the meantime, tweet us your thoughts @HCFloridaState!