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Everything We Know About The Hills Reboot

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

We asked them for it and they made it happen. It’s true, MTV is bringing back the prime show of 2000s reality TV: The Hills. While this news was announced at the 2018 Video Music Awards, more details of the new show have slowly been coming to light. Here’s everything we know so far about the reboot:

First things first, the name is a little different this time. The new reboot is called The Hills: New Beginnings. Hopefully, we can count on “Unwritten” still being the theme song. So far, most of the original cast has agreed to return. Whether you love them or hate them, Speidi will be making a comeback. Both Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have agreed to be a part of the new show with their newborn son Gunter also scheduled to make an appearance. Additionally, Stephanie, Spencer’s sister, will also be returning along with Audrina Patridge, her ex-boo thing Justin Bobby Brescia, Frankie Delgado, Jason Wahler, and Jason’s wife Ashley. Whitney Port also announced via Instagram that she will be a part of the cast. Last but definitely not least, Brody Jenner agreed to return several weeks after the rest of the cast already announced their return. Brody recently got married to Kaitlynn Carter so hopefully, we can expect the gorgeous couple to make a few appearances.

One new addition is Kyle Massey. Yes, that Kyle Massey, the one from Cory in the House and That’s So Raven, is now making an official transition into the reality show business. Besides Kyle, two bloggers whose identities have yet to be announced will be added to the show. The concept behind the new show is to show the older generation of The Hills and where their lives are now (Audrina, Spencer and Heidi, and Jason and Ashley are all parents now!) while adding a new generation of fresh faces like Kyle Massey to bring the reality show drama that we have all come to know and love.

Courtesy: Cosmopolitan

Unfortunately, three members of the original cast will not be returning. Lauren Conrad, the original star, will not be returning. Kristin Cavallari who stars in her own reality show, Very Cavallari, will also not be returning because of her conflicting contract with E!. She did, however, tell the network, E! News:  “I’m just as excited as everybody else to see it. I’ve been talking to Heidi and Audrina and so, I, of course, would love to be part of it.”

Heidi felt similarly and spoke about Kristin on Zack Peter’s podcast, #NoFilter. “[Kristin’s] always been kind of the life of the party and someone everybody wants to be best friends with. I think she just keeps things moving forward. She’s just a very confident happy person.” She also had some opinions on Conrad not returning saying, “I’d be willing to move forward and put things behind us. We would never be the way that we were again, but it would be fun to maybe catch up one day and be mature and be like, ‘Hey that was crazy, I wish you the best,’ type-of-thing. But I don’t think she would be ever ready for that.” She also fired shots at Conrad’s longtime best friend, Lo Bosworth, who also will not be returning. “I was never friends with Lo. I didn’t even know she was really a part of The Hills, to be honest.”

With this in mind, we know Heidi and Spencer will add some brutal honesty to the cast. The cast has been filming since August 30. The air date is said to be some time in 2019.

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