Everything Going on At the Rez You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

The Rez (3226 Flastacowo Rd) is a huge identity to FSU and is always offering a wide variety of events to go to based on your interests. Here are some fun events going on in the next few weeks that you may be interested in! Starting Valentine’s Day weekend (Feb. 16-18), there are plenty of events going on that would be great to go to with friends or even your significant other.

Rez Days with SGA

On Feb. 16, FSU’s Student Government Associate is teaming up with the Rez to do Rez Days! This event will be a little different than the usual, and while it will include all the basic activities the Rez usually offers (rope challenge courses, paddle boards, kayaks, etc.) it will also feature a carnival! There will be games, live music, FREE FOOD (who can say no to free food), a student showcase and more! It will be free for FSU students of course, and five dollars for general admission. Don’t be sad and alone on V-day; come out and enjoy the carnival!

Cupid’s Challenge

Now, for those who do have a significant other, the Rez is holding another event the next day, Feb. 17, called the “Cupid’s Challenge.” In this challenge, you and your significant other will be working with other couples to get through the high and low rope courses. You’ll use your cooperation and communication skills to get through the course while meeting couples along the way! The price is $35 per couple. Spots are filling up quick, so if you think this is your cup of tea, sign up now with this link.

Courtesy: FSU Campus Rec

Sail Clinics

If you’ve ever been interested in learning how to sail (I know I have), the Rez offers sailing clinics to help teach you the basics of the sport. These will be offered in April, but the time to sign up is now! The course is about five hours long and teaches you the basics from boat handling to safety protocols and everything in between. Classes cost $15 with your FSU id: who can beat that? So, if you’re looking for a new hobby, head on over there and learn something new!

If none of these events sound like they're for you, there’s always the basics ongoing activities that the Rez always has! Paddleboard or kayak out in the water and explore the habitat, or maybe just dip in for a swim. They also have the climbing walls, which are super fun and good exercise! The Rez is such a great resource so close to campus, it’s an ideal place to relax and enjoy the sun. With so many things going on in the coming weeks, as well as the everyday activities the Rez always offers, you are sure to find something you enjoy! Don’t miss out on the exciting Rez Days carnival, or go and learn a new hobby! You never know, it could be your next best thing.