Essie VS. O.P.I.

There are few joys in life quite like picking out the right color nail polish. With so many companies creating new colors per season, it can cause a major dent in our wallets. Popular companies include: O.P.I., Essie, NYC, Revlon, Sinful, etc. But out of all these companies, which has the best product?

When it comes to quality versus quantity, O.P.I. and Essie are without a doubt the top two contenders.

Essie: Known for its pricey little bottles, the company also creates some of the most beautiful colors for nail kind. Pretty pastels and solid color pallets for eight dollars a bottle is almost enough to make some collegiettes turn a blind eye to the brand. However, the quality of the polish is better, compared to some. When applied, collegiettes only need to use small, thin amounts in order to cover the entire nail. This ensures a smooth and clump-free finish. The end result: beautiful nails.

O.P.I.: The Holy Grail of nail polish... at nine dollars a bottle </3. BUT — it comes in a drastically bigger bottle compared to Essie. When applied, the polish comes out in a thick layer, but the color is so vibrant, you only need one layer to cover the nail completely. This brand is definitely the most expensive, but it is so worth it to have at least one or two bottles for special events. The colors range as much as Essie but again, it comes at the highest price.

We do not judge when it comes to a collegiette's choice of nail polish brands, whether cheap or ridiculously expensive. To each her own, so long as we all come out with immaculate, shiny nails that are chip and smudge-free.

*Sits in room and applies $1.99 bottle of Sinful color on nails*