The End of Spring Semester According to “New Girl”

You think everything is as fine as your tan when you come back from Spring break for the first few days.


Then you realize all the projects that were due at the end of the semester are due next week.


You call your parents hoping they will help you calm down but instead they give you even more anxiety.


You proceed to go into panic mode with nothing stopping you.


So, like any other college student, you think the answer is alcohol, except no one will go out with you because everyone is doing work. But you find at least one person.


You have a great night and even eat your weight in pizza.


Then you wake up to your responsibilities and attempt to start on the work.


You don’t go outside or see sunlight for the next three days.

You finally finish everything and don’t even care about the grade because you finished everything and that’s all that matters.

You realize its time for summer!


All gifs courtesy of giphy