Emily Cooney: Vice President of Who We Play For

Name: Emily Cooney

Year: Senior

Hometown: Merritt Island, FL

Major: Biological Sciences

Involvement on Campus: Vice President of Who We Play For, Pre-Dental Society, Delta Zeta Sorority

Her Campus (HC): Tell the readers a little bit about the Who We Play For organization.

Emily Cooney (EC): Who We Play For is a non-profit organization that started back at my high school, Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School. A student named Rafe Maccarone died after collapsing on the soccer field due to a detectable heart condition. After this incident, the organization was created. Our mission was to reduce the incidences of sudden cardiac death by providing affordable heart screenings and promoting awareness for heart health.

HC: Explain your role in Who We Play For.

EC: My role in the organization is to assist our President and help members of the executive board with planning and organizing heart screenings, as well as fundraising events. I also help the non-profit with reaching out to different communities about heart screening events.

HC: What is most the most rewarding part of being involved with Who We Play For?

EC: The most rewarding part has to be knowing that the organization is making a difference in the lives of students.

HC: How do you feel that this experience has helped you build relationships on campus?

EC: Who We Play For has helped me make connections with different organizations on campus, as well as faculty and with the College of Medicine.

HC: You are so involved on campus, which is really inspiring considering how stressful college can be! How do balance your time?

EC: I plan out my days in my planner, which helps me stay organized. That way, I know what I have to do each day. I also try to stick to a daily schedule or routine to help me balance my time too!

HC: Do you have any advice for students looking to become more involved on campus?

EC: When you’re really interested in an issue, the meetings become something that you actually look forward to. Being an active member and attending events is also very helpful. Another way to get involved is going to involvement fairs where a lot of organizations are present and you can find something that stimulates your interests.

HC: Now for some fun questions! What show on Netflix are you binging right now?

EC: Parks and Recreation. Again.

HC: How would you describe your style choice for a day spent on campus?

EC: I tend to stick to the basics: A t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes, because walking around campus all day in the heat can be brutal. Other times, I’ll wear a cute romper or sundress.

HC: Where is you favorite place to relax in Tallahassee?

EC: I really enjoy going to the Rez! It’s a nice escape from school and a great place to relax.

HC: What is your favorite thing about FSU?

EC: FSU football, of course!

HC: Tell the readers one fun fact about yourself.

EC: I was in Spain when they won the world cup back in 2010 so that was pretty cool!

HC: If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be and why?

EC: My grandmother. She is always laughing and really brightens the day. I always feel better after I spend time with her.