Emily Boden: Progress FSU’s Student Body Treasurer Nominee

Emily Boden is a motivated young woman hoping to progress Florida State University and the Tallahassee community. In this interview, she discusses the rise of antisemitism in the Student Government Association at FSU over the summer and ways to uplift marginalized groups, unify the community and inspire women.

Her Campus (HC): What motivated you to run for SGA Treasurer with Progress FSU?

Emily Boden (EB): The antisemitism present within our SGA over the summer really lit a fire underneath me. I didn't know the large effects SGA has on the student body, and once I learned, I just wanted to get involved. I was also truly inspired by the other Jewish leaders at FSU. 

HC: What Progress FSU values and policies do you believe student voters identify with most and why?

EB: Progress truly wants to uplift marginalized and underrepresented communities, which I loved because I didn't feel safe coming back to campus when the antisemitism occurred. I could not even imagine what other groups and organizations might have been going through. We also want to revitalize the student experience on campus. Because every student (on average) pays almost $400 a year towards SGA, it is important to us that every student gets the most out of SGA and FSU.

Greenery at Florida State University. Original photo by Cristina Angee

HC: If elected, what is the primary goal you hope to accomplish during your time as student body treasurer?

EB: While the treasurer is expected only to oversee and distribute the almost $14 million SGA budget, I wanted to use my time unifying the student body through all of our RSOs, agencies, groups and communities. I wanted to make sure the budget was allocated so that all groups have their needs met and more! 

HC: Did the experience of becoming the first female student body treasurer in over a decade make you more driven to win?

EB: The possibility of being the first female treasurer in over 10 years definitely motivated me more. At first, I came to fight for the Jewish community, but as I continued that journey, I was able to fight for so much more. This campaign was also about female empowerment and removing the stereotype that men are better at handling money. I wanted to pave a path for all women who wanted to have a financial position. 

HC: What characteristics do you feel make you a proficient leader?

EB: My determination, persistence and compassion are what rounds out my leadership skills. I know I have excellent leadership skills because I can lead a group efficiently while also ensuring everyone is valued. However, what separates me from other leaders who can do the same is my character and the qualities above. I will not stop fighting for those who need a voice in our SGA. I believe all students should be represented within our SGA equally and with the utmost respect. 

HC: How do you hope to empower women at FSU and in the Tallahassee community?

EB: I hope to be that leader that lets other women know they have the ability to make it wherever they desire. Just because one position looks "cookie-cutter" does not mean there is no room for you to be there; you can always create your own space! I affirmed that I could make history in this position, and I did that by creating the space for me and other women. I want to empower women by letting them know they can do whatever they want if they desire it.

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