Is Elton John Actually Retiring?

Ever want to hear “Rocket Man” or “Tiny Dancer” live in concert?? Well too bad, you'll never be able to. Elton John has just announced that after his next three-year tour, Farewell Yellow Brick Road, he will be retiring in order to spend time with his two children and husband.

Okay, sorry for the mean comment before, but I felt like I was hit with a ton of bricks (pun intended) when I read the dreadful CNN headline yesterday.

Elton John is such a prominent figure, and it feels like he’s always been famous and never dropped off like some celebrities do. One interesting fact about Elton John is that his given name is actually Reginald Kenneth Dwight (cool, right?) but he identifies himself as Sir Elton Hercules John. His fame and music career kicked off in the late 1960’s when he responded to a newspaper advertisement that read, “Liberty Wants Talent.” This led John to produce his first album, Empty Sky, in 1969, which put him on the map. Another pivotal moment in his musical career was his creation, “Your Song,” being named as one of the “Greatest Songs of all Time” by Rolling Stone magazine.

Courtesy: Daily Mirror

Fast forward to 2018 and people are upset that the legend is deciding to retire. Come on, people, this man has been touring for more than half a century, he’s allowed to live his life. This last tour will take him over the 50-year mark of performing, and the reason given for leaving the spotlight is because of his family. You can see the influence that he has on young audiences today, with his songs appearing in television and movies like Parks and Recreation and 27 Dresses. Ellie Goulding, another English singer, also covered John’s “Your Song” in 2010. The ability to entertain audiences for almost half a lifetime and still be popular 50 years after you start is truly a gift.

He and his husband, David Furnish, have two young boys that John has decided are too important to push aside while he continues his career. Spending time with his family and learning how to be a father is something he definitely wouldn’t be able to do while on the road. Who can blame him with such a beautiful family?


As an older father, Elton John said that he's learned he shouldn't try to play shows for the rest of his life, as growing a family is more important to him. Before he had his kids, he thought that he would be playing music until he physically couldn't anymore, but now things have changed. You can see in these photographs and in his interviews how much he appreciates his family and will put them before his career. His next move, family over fame, is something to admire.

We thank you, Elton John, for your amazing career! Your shows will be missed!