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ELLE Hosts 2019 Women in Hollywood Celebration

On Oct. 14, ELLE magazine celebrated its 2019 Women in Hollywood event in Los Angeles. The celebration was hosted by actress, writer and director, Issa Rae. The featured women in the magazine and those who were honored at the event are all iconic to either the film or music industry, including Zendaya, Dolly Parton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, Scalet Johansson, Mindy Kaling, Nicole Kidman, Lena Waithe, Melina Matsoukas and Jodie Turner-Smith. Each of these women walked the ELLE red-carpet in everything from formal gowns to classy power suits. A few of the honored women gave speeches that were all unique to their characters and personal experiences.

Courtesy: Los Angeles Times

Nicole Kidman took the stage to encourage women to keep shining their light and speaking out into the world. She comments on the stories that are being told today and how important it is for bravery to be displayed by going out and overcoming those hurdles for other women to follow. Kidman is starring in Bombshell, also starring Margot Robbie and Charlize Theron, which is based on the real allegations of sexual harassment made by many women working at Fox News against former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. Following the past two years of the #MeToo movement, this movie is sure to dredge up old feelings toward it.

Courtesy: ELLE

Natalie Portman also spoke on what her new movie, Lucy in the Sky, means for equality. She preaches how it’s okay to mess up and make mistakes because that means we can learn from it and grow. She calls for men to be held to the same standards as women in relation to courtesy, kindness and respect. Portman will also step up to be the next god(dess) of thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder, coming in a few years.

Scarlet Johansson, another honoree at the event, made a speech about the women who trailblazed the way for her and how her dreams have been made possible through their breakthroughs and hard work. Johansson calls other women to action to take up the mantle of continuing the progress of women in film by supporting other female filmmakers. Her recent movie, Marriage Story comments on identity and how it is shaped through the partnership of marriage. Johansson will also be premiering in Marvel’s second stand-alone superheroine film, Black Widow, in which she stars as the title character with a female director, Cate Shortland, at the helm.

Courtesy: ELLE

Mindy Kaling, in her speech, brings up issues of both gender and racial inequality in the movie industry, calling for directors to diversify their casts. She talks about how the power to change Hollywood is only there for those who work hard for it and those who seek to open opportunities for their fellow women.

Zendaya was another honoree who spoke at the event on the community of women in Hollywood. She calls for actresses to work and grow together to create stories that need to be heard by our current society. Zendaya is currently featured on the HBO series, Euphoria, a coming of age narrative complete with sex, drugs and drama. The final honorees to take the stage were screenwriter, Lena Waite, and director, Melina Matsoukas of Queen & Slim, an upcoming romantic thriller film. Through their speech, they wished to honor Atatiana Jefferson, a young black woman who was shot in her home by a white policeman earlier this month. They spoke on how they use their art medium to speak out for change and social justice. They want to remember those who came before them and to give a voice to those who have been silenced.

Courtesy: ELLE

Many other impactful women of Hollywood also came on stage to show their support for their fellow actresses and hopes for the future. ELLE editor-in-chief commented, We are here. We are radical. Get used to it,” in regards to the steps women in Hollywood are taking to bring these dreams of the future to reality.

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