Election Day: A Step-by-Step Emotional Guide with Michael Bublé

Word on the street is the Presidential Election is around the corner. If there is one thing we can ALL agree on, it’s that regardless of who wins, somebody is going to be upset.

Here is how I see the day of November 8, 2016 playing out, with some help from Michael Bublé:

8:00 am – The Beginning

It’s inevitable, we all know…

There's gonna be a heartache tonight/ A heartache tonight, I know.

Courtesy: Giphy

12:00 pm - The Announcement

You’re hurt; you were sure your candidate would pull through, but you

Smile/ Though your heart is aching/ Smile/ Even though it's breaking.


3:00 pm – Still staring at the results

It hasn’t exactly set in; you’re not sure how you’re going to cope:

I was lost all right/ Lost in the sleepless empty night/ Dreamin' of you.

Courtesy: Google Images

5:00 pm - You finally leave your chair

Then you’re pissed, and shred all of the signs in your front yard and throw them in the air:

I can't believe it's over/ I watched the whole thing fall.

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8:00 pm – The Decision

You decide it’s time. You visit Delta.com, and search for the first flight out:

The world keeps spinning and we can't stop it/ Let's slip out when no one's watching.

Courtesy: thoughtcatalog.com

10:00 pm – Change of Plans

Your card gets declined because your bank account can’t accommodate your spontaneous travel plans:

I'm coming home/ I'm coming home/ And everything is going to be fine.

Courtesy: playbuzz.com

12:00 am – Acceptance

And so you realize, you’re going to survive and have no choice but to be optimistic:

The best is yet to come, and baby won’t it be fine.

Courtesy: www.elle.com


In all seriousness, regardless of who our next president is, we should remember that we’re all in this together. Set aside your party affiliation, your ethnicity and gender: we are the voice of America. We can’t expect one person to have the ability to voice all of our wants and needs. So, if you’re unhappy, instead of rushing to the next plane flight out, make some coffee, turn on Michael Bublé and take it up with the House and Senate.