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Eden Chaddick: Breaking Barriers in Skate Culture

Eden Chaddick is not only a dear friend of mine but is also an amazing skater. In the male-dominated sport of skateboarding, Eden makes it a point to not only enjoy her favorite hobby but stand for other women who want to break into the skateboarding scene. I sat down to talk with her in her favorite cafe to discuss life, skating and being an all-around girl boss.

HerCampus (HC): Hey Eden! Tell us about how you became interested in skateboarding!

Eden Chaddick (EC): It’s funny you mention that because my mom actually wouldn’t let me skate as a kid! She was worried that I would injure myself and that it would prevent me from pursuing other, more competitive sports. When I got older, my dad actually bought me my first skateboard! It was so fun just learning how to skate and learning with my dad. After I completed high school and no longer played soccer, I had more free time to pursue skating! I’ve learned a lot since I was a kid, and it’s been really fun getting into the skate scene in Tallahassee.

HC: Who has been the biggest influence on you as you’ve been introduced to skate culture?

EC: Definitely Tony Hawk! I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true! When I was younger, he was still at the peak of his career. It was awesome to watch him skate as a young kid. He inspired me in a lot of ways! Another influence of mine was definitely Mitchie Brusco. He did the ‘big air vert’ at the 2019 Minneapolis X-Games, and has inspired me since his very first X-Games at the age of 14 in 2011!

Eden Chaddick body 1/2 Original photo by Lilijana Chufo

HC: What has been the hardest thing about learning to skate?

EC: Getting over my fear of falling. Dropping into the bowl at the skate park has been challenging because of this fear. Once you get over the anxiety associated with falling on your face in front of everyone at the skatepark, skating gets a lot easier.

HC: Where is your favorite local place to skate? What about back home?

EC: My favorite spot in Tallahassee to skate is Mike Blankenship skatepark. I can go skate at 6 a.m. and nobody is around to watch me. It’s so peaceful to practice alone in the early hours of the morning. The Lakeland Skatepark in my hometown of Lakeland, Florida is my favorite place back home. They have this wave ramp called “The Snake,” which is something I haven’t been able to find in Tallahassee.

Eden Chaddick Body 2/2 Original photo by Lilijana Chufo

HC: Do you have any advice for women trying to break into the skating scene?

EC: Don’t be intimidated by men. Everybody started skating at the same level, and we all learn at a different pace. Odds are, they’re working on mastering the same trick as you and are just as insecure about their skills. Go into the sport with confidence and you’ll be just fine!

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