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Dressing for the Holidays in the Florida Sunshine

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to delve into the most important time of the year. No, I’m not talking about Cyber Monday, which just passed. In the midst of final preparations for fall semester, I’m sad to say I let that beautiful day of 50% off everywhere pass me by in favor of frantically typing out another research paper. Can you hear me sighing from here? Well, I am. Trust me.

I’m talking about the holiday season. It’s finally upon us. It’s been waiting with bated breath to reemerge and now that it’s officially December, it’s time to break out your best velvet ensemble and make small talk with your awkward coworker over a buffet of grape juice and warm cheese. Kidding. We’re not there yet, guys. We’ve got a little time before you hit the adult world and that scenario becomes reality.

I’m heading to a party next weekend. It’s a big event, all elaborate and is sure to be an extravaganza in and of itself. It’s going to be all fancy and I’ll walk around in my shaky heels and wonder why everyone else doesn’t look chilly– the air conditioning is bound to be set high and a cozy sweater won’t go along with my classy cocktail dress, as much as I wish it would. I’m telling you about this party next weekend because I was at the mall over Thanksgiving break, looking for something to wear. I’ve since donated all dresses from back in my Bat-Mitzvah days, and college doesn’t exactly give you reason to wear fancy gowns every day. I was stuck. What could I wear that was affordable, stylish, sophisticated and made me look like I wasn’t just hitting puberty?

I’m here to tell you that I did, in fact, end up finding a wonderful dress to wear to this event. It was everything I was looking for but didn’t think I’d find and- hey- it was 50% off. Where did I find this treasure? The sale rack at Bloomingdales. It’s tea length, which, being 4’10 I was a little unsure about. Surprisingly though, it worked. It has lacy, gauzy material at the bottom and fits– as my mom would say, like a glove. It’s black, stretchy and has these adjustable straps that don’t slip down my shoulders. I’ve got to say, I think I finally understand what true love feels like.

I’m looking forward to attending this event with my family and will keep you all updated on how everything goes. Maybe in my next fashion column, I’ll give you a rundown of the best outfits at this gathering. Honestly, I didn’t think I would find a dress. I thought I would end up ordering something online that would be droopy and a bit too big in all the wrong places. Yet, the Spirit of Happy Holidays has graced me with a dress that I love. With finals week quickly approaching and the lack of sleep the piles of homework has recently caused in my life, I’m taking this find as a win in my book. Now, on to better things like holiday lists and the need for a snowflake generating machine in the union…


Happy December! Keep warm in the upcoming chilly Florida weather. (Kidding, the heat is still oppressive outside)


Hi, I'm Amanda. I'm a Creative Writing major with an affinity for take-your-breath-away-sentences. I also like solid 80s rock jams and blogging about my feelings. I'm constantly hopeful I can one day escape to the moon. For now, I'm enjoying attending a wonderfully diverse school and take pride in my beautiful group of friends.
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