Dressing Bold in the Cold: 'Noles Don't Understand Winter

The winter weather has hit Tallahassee a bit later than expected, and I think it has some people confused. During the past week, the average low was 27° while the average high was 75°, courtesy of the Weather Channel. It has been windy, rainy and every now and then, absolutely gorgeous. But it is COLD. I’m wearing, like, three layers every day, I sleep with a plush throw wrapped around me like I'm a damn burrito and I’ve even started wearing socks to bed.

Courtesy: Shannon Hickie

Yet, I come to school, run to the nearest coffee shop to grab a hot cup o’ Joe to warm me up and what do I see? I see people dressed like it’s frickin’ summer. Maybe these people are legitimately comfortable, maybe they’re lying to themselves about how “warm they are in their gym shorts and t-shirt,” or maybe they aren’t accustomed to cold weather and have absolutely no idea what winter clothes look like!

For those who don’t know what to wear when the temperature falls below 60°, you’re about to find out.

I have seen this:

Courtesy: Blog Spot

Sir, HOW? I mean, we get it, you lift. But come on, put on a long sleeved shirt and a damn jacket.

This is what you SHOULD be wearing! 

Courtesy: Fashionisto

I have also seen this:

Courtesy: Fashion Tag

HOW? If you’re a dedicated Birkenstocks fan, I’m happy for you. Those bad boys are so comfortable and it’s fantastic, but I think the Germans who gave you your sandals will understand if, just for one season, you find a shoe that will keep your feet warm, because my toes are already freezing even with fuzzy socks and combat boots on, which makes me wonder how you’re even able to walk around.

Consider a pair of these perhaps, or one similar to them!

Courtesy: Wanelo

An ensemble like this one just utterly confused me:

Courtesy: Vanden Vogue

I saw someone wearing something like this on a Friday night, when the sun was down and the temperature was a chilly 48°. I get that it’s an easy outfit to put together, and every chick has like ten pairs of high-waisted shorts, but it might be a good idea to just find at least one pair of jeans. Maybe two. Fashion is cool and all, but so is being warm instead of a shivering mess (and pants have yet to go out of style).

The next time you’re getting ready for happy hour, consider choosing an outfit like this one instead:

Courtesy: Elegant Wedding

She looks so comfortable in her stylish winter outfit! Put the shorts and tank top back in your closet, and you could be too!

If you’re from Alaska and this weather is nothing to you, and you’re perfectly comfortable in this Florida winter, then by all means! Don’t feel like you have to stop doing your thing. I just don’t want anyone to end up like this 21-year-old in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who froze to death because she left a house party in denim shorts and a tank top, seen here on the Huffington Post. Granted, it was -27° there and only +27° here, but if you’re outside long enough here maybe it could happen? In the meantime, I’m going to go find myself a snuggie and live in it until spring comes. Stay warm, my fellow Collegiettes!