Double Shot at Love: Is It Worth the Watch?

A few months back, right in the thick of all the Colton Underwood Bachelor Drama, MTV announced a new show with Vinny Guadagnino and DJ Pauly D. Double Shot at Love was advertised as a Bachelor-style dating show, except less Chris Harrison and way more Jersey! The two moved in together in Las Vegas after Jersey Shore wrapped its season finale and have always been very close. They were so close, in fact, that they joked that they were dating each other. After seven years, clearly the jokes have gotten old and they aren’t any closer to finding love. So what else is there to do but go on reality TV and find love together?

The two have not changed in the slightest, and it showed when the first thing they did was redecorate and scheme a prank to play on all their contestants. While Pauly was hammering nails into the wall for all 10 of his chains and plugging in his revolving watch box, Vinny was getting sentimental putting out a picture of his mother—typical! They decided that since the girls were coming in groups of two, and had absolutely no idea who they were about to date, they would prank both groups by telling them that one of them was only a host, and the other was the celebrity bachelor. Pauly was up first!

It was a surprise to everyone that among the first group of girls, everyone was super nice to each other! As they rolled in one by one, they showered each other with compliments, poured each other drinks and got to know each other even before Vinny rolled out to announce Pauly D was out to find a wife out of one of the nine. Just like in The Bachelor, the women were quick to snag Pauly away the second he stepped out and he was really feeling the sass coming from all the ladies. Unfortunately, the group had some criers and before the girls even had a chance to speak with Pauly one-on-one, they were crying and trying to send themselves home because they felt out of place or like they weren’t what Pauly wanted. Cate who was the life-of-the-party sent herself home after excluding herself from the group throughout the night. Later in the night, Pauly sent blonde extrovert Allie home for looking a little too much like his ex Aubrey Day. The absolute best thing about this show is that when they send girls home there’s no serious music, no tears (yet) or footage of a limo ride to the airport. Instead, in traditional upstate fashion, the two celebrity bachelor’s call a cab for whoever is going home. I will NEVER get tired of hearing these two yell, “cabs are here!”

Next up was Vinny’s group of girls, and boy did the girls not have the same happy and supportive energy! As all the women were rolling in and trying to get to know each other, some of the girls got drunk a little too fast and started causing problems with some of the other girls. Christina, a yoga instructor and self-proclaimed poetry connoisseur, rubbed people the wrong way when she first claimed that she was perfect. She then went on to tell one of the other girls that she could not steal Vinny away to talk and even told another girl in the house that she really liked to hear herself talk. Her grand finale came when during a quick game of "Are You Smarter than a Guido?", she insulted one of the main girls that Vinny was feeling a true connection with. Christina claimed that Maria didn't get paid like her and that if she sat a seat closer her smarts might rub off on her. All the jabs were a little much until Christina lost to Maria in a head-to-head final and then it was just funny. At the end of the night, Vinny also called two cabs and sent two girls home for lack of a connection.

Unlike the typical reality dating shows we're used to, the girls on Double Shot at Love are less memorable. Maybe it's how shy some of them are, or maybe the loud girls are just so extroverted that they steal the show ... but after the credits rolled and a preview for next week rolled, I forgot who half of the contestants were. Nonetheless, all the girls are getting very competitive. Although they’re ultimately there to find love, it’s clear they wouldn’t mind outlasting each other. The previews for the season promise drama, jealousy and guest appearances from other Jersey Shore OG’s such as Angelina, Snook, and J WOWW. Let’s be real, none of us watch any reality TV for the mentally stimulating subject matter, and as far as entertainment goes it really doesn’t get better than these best friends looking for some wives! Tune in to MTV next Thursday at 8 p.m. to watch the two reveal to the ladies that they’re both celebrity bachelors!

All gifs courtesy of Giphy.