Don’t Panic, Coldplay is FINALLY Releasing New Music

The last time our ears were blessed with new Coldplay music was almost four years ago. In 2015, they gave us a work of art by the name A Head Full of Dreams, followed by their explosive Super Bowl Halftime Show performance featuring Bruno Mars and Queen Bey in February 2016. They also worked on several noteworthy projects following the studio release of the album, along with a documentary featured on Amazon Prime just about last year. So how do you follow a prime album release, a headline spot at the Super Bowl, and a documentary feature? For them, it seemed only fitting that they didn’t. We’ve been replaying the same anthemic tunes for quite some time, but they have finally awoken. And this is already a doozy.

Courtesy: MSN

Now, usually when an artist comes back from a significantly extensive music ”break,” they go all out with promo for any new and upcoming projects. The keyword in this sentence is “usually.” Everyone should know by now that Coldplay is anything but. So, they have once again delivered the unconventional ways audiences tend to associate with this band.

Band members Guy Berryman, Will Champion, Jonny Buckland, and frontman Chris Martin sent out a handful of typewritten and autographed letters to several fans who took to Twitter to verify and question their authenticity. According to BBC, rumors began to circulate when black and white photographed posters of the band dressed in 1920’s attire began appearing on the streets of Madrid. When we look at these first two ‘clues,’ we can tell they’re going for an old school classic theme, almost reflective of the ‘20s, which need I remind you, are just around the corner once more in roughly two months.

Courtesy: Sound In The Signals

Thus far, we know the album is titled Everyday Life, as highlighted on the Coldplay website. The album will be a double feature of sorts, with the first half titled “Sunrise” and the second half named, you guessed it, “Sunset.” Adding to the cryptic promotion for this record, the band released the album’s tracklist, not on Twitter and definitely not in some extravagant fashion, but rather in a low-key classified advertisement in a British newspaper.

According to various sources including Rolling Stone, fans infer that the seemingly nonchalant release has a lot more meaning than the public might think. In the letters sent out, the band claims this is a project “a century in the making.” This accurately captures the belief that this album is perhaps a tip of the hat to the Roaring Twenties as we prepare to welcome them back a century later. The Roaring Twenties were, in fact, a time of celebration and partying, with eccentric color, style, and music. There is media speculation to see if fans are on track with this theory, or if audiences will be hit with a curveball and a new Coldplay sound.

Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

With their creative and eclectic style, fans and listeners are sure to be in for a treat with this highly anticipated release. Having captured the attention of followers worldwide, this band seems to have put those few years to good use and could very well be about to unveil their best-kept secret.

Everyday Life will be available Nov. 22.

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