Don’t Feel Like You Relate to Your Zodiac Sign? Here’s Why!

I got into astrology on accident. I was looking for answers during a confusing point in my life and jokingly turned to my daily horoscope for a fun, generalized perspective (or maybe just a distraction). As I was reading the message for Sagittarius, I was annoyed with how much I could not relate. I knew a few general things about astrology as well as some of the basic traits of each sign, and while I could apply Libra traits to my Libra friends and Aries traits to my Aries family members, I could not identify with the blunt, sarcastic and spontaneous ways of Sagittarius.

So naturally, as a Gen Z native, I took to Google to figure out why I felt little to nothing like my zodiac sign. It was then that I heard the term “moon sign,” and having no clue what that meant, I googled that too. That’s when I found out what a natal chart was. A natal chart is a map that shows the positions of the planets at the time of someone's birth and is used by astrologers to determine one’s character. I discovered that we each have not one but seven planets in addition to other signs that make up our birth (or natal) chart and therefore our overall character. This explained completely why I felt nothing like a Sagittarius, but I couldn’t stop there. I had to know which sign I did identify with. So, I fell into the deep, never-ending world of astrology. 

I concluded I do identify with Sagittarius…and Aquarius…and Capricorn as well. The thing is, there are so many planets and so many different signs that I realized you can’t choose one to identify with because they all assist in your make up. Each planet signifies a different part of your personality. As a learned more about astrology, I chose to focus on the four aspects of my chart (Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus) that I felt were most important in my everyday life because of what they represent. 

Courtesy: Josh Rangel

Sun: Ego 

The sun sign is the sign that most everyone is familiar with. It is based on the day of the month you were born and identifies your drive and who/what you aspire to be. It also determines the type of energy you need to recharge. Your sun sign is who you are growing to be. 

Moon: Emotions

The moon is your emotional self. This sign is determined by which zodiac the moon was in when you were born. It is the part of you that you keep hidden from the world. It represents your most vulnerable self, and only those closest to you get to see this side. Your moon sign determines how you react to and recover from emotional situations. 

Rising: Social

Your rising (or ascendant) sign is who you are in social settings and how you carry yourself. It is the mask you put on for the world and therefore represents how others view you. It is determined by the zodiac sign that was on the horizon during your time of birth, and therefore your exact birth time and location are needed to determine this sign.

Venus: Love

Venus is the goddess of love, attraction and relationships, so it’s no surprise that your Venus sign represents your relationships and love. It is determined by the sign the planet was in when you were born. This sign represents what you like and don’t like in a relationship, how you act and what you expect/need from a partner.

Understanding these planets and my signs in each of them helped me understand myself a bit more and gave me an entertaining new hobby. I don’t rely on astrology or let it determine who I am or how I act, but it’s a fun pastime and provides me insight at times. Pro-tip: never check those generic horoscope sites. Instead, determine your signs by obtaining your natal chart here and visit certified astrologer sites for the most accurate information! 

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