Disney’s Epcot Park Debuts New Light Show and Attractions

Big things have started coming to Disney’s Epcot park. This past week, Epcot rolled out two major changes to its park with more to come. As we say goodbye to the light show of the last 20 years, IllumiNations, we welcome the new light show, Epcot Forever. Disney does not plan to keep Epcot Forever for long though, as it serves as a placeholder for the big event, a light show called HarmonioUS, which will premiere in 2020. Epcot Forever promises spectacular fireworks and light displays with original music that captures the spirit of Epcot. Packed with pyrotechnic kites, colorful lights and a special voice recording from Walt Disney himself, the show is meant to inspire or “spark” the imagination in every park guest.

Epcot recently celebrated its 37th anniversary by opening the Epcot Experience in the Odyssey Events Pavilion. The experience showcases a projected 360-view of all that is in store for Epcot with a centerpiece of a miniature replica of the park’s redecoration. The room screens a 12-minute video describing in short sequences the new rides, pavilions and more. Throughout the room are props from some of the films that Epcot will be basing attractions on. Everything is expected to be completed before Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary year.

Courtesy: insidethemagic

In 2020, guests can take a walk down Cherry Tree Lane where the new Mary Poppins attraction will be. This will be located in the United Kingdom Pavilion where Mary Poppins has a meet-and-greet spot. France is getting a makeover with the anticipated Ratatouille ride titled “Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure,” as well as a new restaurant, La Creperie de Paris, offering both table-service and quick-service meals. Also in store for the France Pavilion is a sing-along show to the timeless classic Beauty and the Beast. France and the United Kingdom are not the only locations getting new attractions. Both the China and Canada pavilions are getting 360-view screen films that promise a true traveler’s experience.

Outside of the world showcase, the rest of Epcot will also be undergoing heavy renovations and additions, including four new areas and pavilions titled World Celebration, World Discovery, World Nature and the PLAY! Pavilion. World Celebration will be at the front of the park and surrounding the area where Spaceship Earth currently is. There will be a three-story building to house events and a new fountain to tie the entrance all together. World Discovery will be centered around space travel and will be located around Mission: Space and Test Track. There will be a new rollercoaster based on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Different from the Disneyland Guardians drop tower ride, this rollercoaster will be one of Disney’s first storytelling coasters and will include a 360-degree view, as well as a reverse launch. Next to Mission: Space, there will be a new restaurant, Space220 that will, of course, be space-themed. The PLAY! Pavilion featured in this area will include interactive games and character meets. World Nature will include areas around The Land and The Seas with Nemo and Friends and will center around an appreciation for the earth and the seas with a new Moana themed trail experience.

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Attractions aren’t the only new things to look forward to. Epcot also has an array of fresh merchandise for purchase. True to Epcot’s futuristic style, the shirts, jackets, hats and household items are all designed to look colorfully retro with an added sci-fi element. Select new merchandise also features Epcot’s mascot, Figment, from the classic ride, “Journey into Imagination.”

If you just cannot wait to see the new light show until your next trip to Disney World, you can watch a full video of the display on Disney’s website.

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