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Disney Princesses In College: 4 Reasons to Get Excited for Maleficent

By now every knows my lack of amusement with Sleeping Beauty, but this coming summer there will be a movie that might considerably change my opinion.  Maleficent tells the background story of the evil dark fairy from the 1950s Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty. It may still be months away (Maleficent opens in theatres May 30), but here are four reasons why you, as a Disney princess in college, should get excited for it now!

1.  Maleficent > Princess Aurora

I know that as a Disney princess in college, it goes against all my morals to root for an evil villain, but let’s face it: Aurora is a chump compared to Maleficent. When that evil fairy seeks revenge, she goes all-out by cursing babies to death and fighting princes in the form of a dang dragon! Meanwhile, Aurora, uh, sleeps? Yeah, I wouldn’t want to put those two in a cage match because Aurora would be scorched in less than five minutes due to her narcoleptic tendencies.

Maleficent just oozes “sexy evil villain” through every pore of her dastardly body.  Some Disney critics have even named her the most “evil villain” in the entire Disney universe, and you don’t get that title by sleeping on the job. Aurora didn’t have to work for her happy ending, but Maleficent put every ounce of her being into her corrupt plan to take over the kingdom. Also, let’s not forget this was all because…SHE WASN’T INVITED TO A PARTY. Can you say head b*tch in charge? Maleficent can get it.

2.  Untold Story of an Evil Character? Win

I’ve noticed that any plot that involves portraying the evil character in a different light fairs very well in today’s society. Have you seen or read Wicked? These types of stories entertain us because they provide a different perspective on characters that were just considered evil for no reason. Deep down, we’ve all wanted to know why Maleficent was so nasty to the bone; what made her the person that sought such crazy revenge? With the movie Maleficent, we get the opportunity to see her descent into evil even further, and maybe by the end we will have some sympathy for her…or just cower in her darkness. Either way, it works for me.

3.  Angelina Jolie

Why wouldn’t you want to watch a movie starring Angelina Jolie? Not only is she a bad a** in real life, what with her multitude of perfect children (and let’s not forget that handsome man Brad Pitt on her side), but now she will be playing a bad a** villain. In the words of Ludacris, “My chick bad, my chick good, my chick does sh*t that you wish yours could.” (You all know he was talking about her, right?) But seriously, Angelina Jolie is someone every princess in college should aspire to be, so her acting in this film should (and will be) flawless.

4.  Trailers!

Disney has been releasing trailers for the movie Maleficent since January of this year, and trust me when I say none of them disappoint. That latest one features Angelina Jolie on wings….ON WINGS.  As if you need more of a reason to get excited?! Go ahead and watch it here:

Princesses, mark your calendars for May 30th and channel your inner dark diva with Maleficent

Amanda is currently a Junior at Florida State University. She is double majoring in Creative Writing and Media Communications and is oh-so excited about it. When she isn't trying to write poetry or read recommended books, Amanda finds herself on the internet doing absolutely nothing, or at any Mexican restaurant in Tallahassee munching on delicious salsa and chips. If you have any salsa that will blow her mind and taste buds, please let her know so that you can become life long friends. Amanda is not a cat person, but thoroughly enjoys cat memes.
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