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Somehow, we have hit the anniversary of the pandemic becoming a worldwide concern. It has been a year since we went into quarantine. To look back on this dreadful year, I wanted to discuss some of my (and most likely your) quarantine binges! Let us take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

1. Tiger King

Photo by engin akyurt from Unsplash

Ah, Tiger King. What a bizarre time indeed. This show had so many twists and turns that it practically gave me whiplash. It’s hard to believe that the world of tiger “rescuing” would be as sinister as the hiring of a hitman and the potential murder of one’s husband. Even a year later, there is much debate about whether Carole and the tiger king himself are rescuers or just opportunists. It’s no wonder this show took the world by storm. With its bizarre cast of people, who seem almost like they walked right out of SNL, the public could not stop talking about it. The show even details Joe’s absurd run for president and governor!

2. Unsolved Mysteries

If you are obsessed with true crime, Unsolved Mysteries is the show for you. As you can tell from the title, every episode of the show walks you through the details of an unsolved mystery. They give reenactments and interviews surrounding many different events stretching from disappearances to murders to aliens. Many of them leave you with a sour taste in your mouth, and you can’t help but start to come up with your own theories. One episode that left me particularly cold was “The House of Terror.” It gives the details surrounding the disappearance of a French family, and the ending will leave you amazed.

3. Avatar the Last Airbender

Avatar the Last Airbender being put on Netflix in early March was one of the best quarantine presents. Many, including myself, got to relive their childhoods. Despite how it may look, Avatar is far from just a kid’s show. It has everything, including a thorough plot, friendship, love and loss. It is one of the most heart-warming shows I have seen to date, with amazing redemption arcs. Its characters and plot were complex and brought something new to the table among kid shows. This was truly one of my favorite quarantine binges as it had everything you could ever need from a show.

4. Bridgerton

Bridgerton on a NOOK
Photo by Shayna Douglas from Unsplash

Bridgerton has been my most recent quarantine binge. I have mixed feelings. It is truly entertaining with beautiful costumes and sets. Plus, who doesn’t love an enemy to lovers story? However, the ending left a bitter taste in my mouth. There is a part in the series where one of the titular characters clearly assaults the other, and it is sadly never addressed in the show. This same scene with no consent received backlash when the book was released many years ago. Yet, Netflix decided to keep it in the show. Some have defended this decision by reasoning that the purpose of keeping it in was to encourage discussions on consent. However, I am not buying it. I think if they truly wanted to start a conversation on consent, they should have had the characters discuss the issue. Instead, the characters forget it ever happened and go about their day. The storyline, the costumes and the design were enticing, but the ending fell short for me.

It is astounding that a year has passed since all our lives seemed to turn upside down. Thankfully, we had some form of entertainment to escape to! As we continue to social distance, it will be interesting to see how entertainment evolves. Hopefully, we will continue to get some interesting shows to hold us over!

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Graciela is a senior at FSU currently majoring in behavioral neuroscience. She is striving to become a forensic pathologist after completing medical school in the future. She loves to read and watch movies in her free time!
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