Delilah and DeVoss Harrison: The Twins Taking Over FSU

Names: Delilah and DeVoss Harrison

Hometown: Port St. Joe, Fla.

Year: Sophomore

Majors: Nursing (Delilah) and Psychology/Pre-Occupational Therapy (DeVoss)

The summer before my freshman year, I remember nervously waiting to hear about my room assignment. I decided to risk it and try a random roommate which ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. Flash forward to getting the assignment in July; my roommate's name was Katie, just like mine, and then my suitemates had the same last name. I remember thinking “huh, that’s kind of weird I guess.” I looked them up on Facebook to find out, my suitemates were identical twins, living together in the dorm, and I was instantly excited to know them. I have had the past two years to get to know these amazing women but now is your chance, collegiettes.

Her Campus (HC): What do you do when people confuse you? Go with it or tell them the truth?

Delilah: If it’s passing like they wave at me, then I’ll go with it but if not then I just look at them and say, “Hey I think you know my twin”. Sometimes people think I’m lying to them! They’ll be like “What no?!”

DeVoss: It depends. If I don’t know them, I’ll go with it but it’s an everyday occurrence honestly. I’m terrible with names which doesn’t help either. Sometimes I’ll be like “Oh I think you know my twin” and they’ll be like “No, I know you and your twin” and I really have no idea who they are. I’m so bad at names and faces!

HC: Telepathy: Real or not real? 

DeVoss: Emotions. We’re always together so sometimes it’s confusing whether I’m feeling my own emotions or both of ours. We just get this feeling if something’s wrong.

Delilah: Yeah, definitely emotions. We’ve shared our entire lives together so I know what she’s feeling because I’ve felt it too. We don’t have to say anything to each other, we can just laugh at something because we have more inside jokes than anyone else ever would.

DeVoss: But no, I cannot feel it if someone punches Delilah.

HC: What’s the most annoying twin question you get?

DeVoss and Delilah: *in unison* Have you ever switched places and pulled a trick on someone?

HC: You are both in the same sorority. You live together. You have some of the same classes. Do you ever get sick of each other?

DeVoss: The best thing about being twins is we know if the other is in a bad mood so we know how to treat each other whether we need to make the other laugh or avoid the other because we’ll make it worse. If I get annoyed, I can tell her though. It’s not like a friend when you don’t want to hurt their feelings.

Delilah: Sure, sometimes but it’s always because we’re sick of everybody or just having a bad day not just because of each other. We’re on the same emotional level most of the time so we’re normally annoyed or upset at the same time and just know to avoid each other.


HC: Do you ever feel the need to compete with each other like most siblings do?

DeVoss: We joke about it but at the end of the day, I would be upset if she did badly. We try not to run for the same positions specifically so we don’t have to worry about but if we do, I would rather Delilah get it so I know she’s happy about it. I can joke if I get a point higher on an assignment or anything, but not if I get an A and she gets a C. Then I’m like “Wow stupid teacher, maybe he confused us”.

Delilah: I don’t compare myself to her because I’m just as excited for her to get something as I am for myself too. I get to experience it along with her in a lot of ways. If we’re ever competing for the same thing, I always want DeVoss to get it because it’s easier to be excited for her than disappointed for her. I don’t want her to ever feel like they saw something more in me than her or that she deserved it less.

HC: How are you paving your own way in college?

DeVoss: Delilah gets fired up over healthcare disparities and vaccines and babies. She’s going to be a neonatal nurse practitioner. She’s on the Nursing Student Association, and she just got elected to be the Panhellenic director of educational programming. She’s helping with educational programming to gain experience in educational tools to bring into the medical community. We both have passions for helping others but in different ways which is one of the things that make us alike but unique.

Delilah: Our biggest difference is how we’re involved within our majors. We’re both involved within Panhellenic, but DeVoss is the Panhellenic delegate and the student advisor for Pre-Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Club. She’s also looking into neuroscience research at FSU too. It’s really cool for me to see her do something that we both find exciting but this is more specific to her field.


HC: What’s your main piece of advice for siblings in college? 

DeVoss: Stick together. At least call or text each other and check in often even if it’s really quick.

Delilah: Make time for each other. Always make time for people that are important to you even if it’s just to say “I love you”.

HC: Finally, what’s it like being a twin in college?

Delilah: College doesn’t change being a twin. It’s great, being a twin is the best in general.  You always have a built-in best friend.

DeVoss: Wombmate to roommate, you always have someone to take care of you when you’re sick or don’t feel like cooking. Someone to make you study your flashcards and knows exactly what you’re going through. She’s like always having a piece of home with me.

All images are courtesy of Delilah and DeVoss Harrison .