Dear Extroverts

Dear Extroverts, 

I just want to say, on behalf of many introverts and ambiverts everywhere, we admire you guys. We admire your social graces, your energetic spirits and your ability to be unapologetically you. Now, don’t get me wrong. Not all introverts and ambiverts are the socially awkward kids that eat lunch in the bathroom like the movies, but we do like to be left alone.

An introvert is someone who needs, loves and cherishes their alone time, someone who prefers smaller groups, and someone who will probably not be the first person to speak out in a classroom full of people. From there, people shift to ambiverts. The ones who are the happy medium. Ambiverts also need the alone time but can enjoy and handle mainstream socializing but to a certain extent. I like to describe myself as an ambivert. The beauty of the double life is that it helps me see both sides.

We understand who you guys are and we love you. However, I’m afraid you guys don’t get who we are, but we want you to. So, here are some things we want you to know... 

It’s not as simple as breaking out of your “shell” 

Sometimes it is more than just being nervous that stops us from presenting, flirting or even talking. Too much or unfamiliar social interaction can mentally and physically hurt some introverts and ambiverts. All we ask is for you to be patient with us and understand that we feel like we are stuck in the never-ending cycle of “recharging” and interacting. 

We like having you around

Most introverts and ambiverts have extroverted best friends or significant others simply because you guys balance and complete us. Though we need to be alone for our own sanity, we really do enjoy a friendly get together. Whether it’s a Netflix night, rant-sesh or even study time, introverts and ambiverts alike do need some social time with the girl gang. 

We like to go out ... sometimes

You can invite an introvert or ambivert out 20 different times, and though we might only say yes four of those times, just know we are trying. Whether its dinner with the girls, partying at the house or dancing the night away at the club, we’ll try our best to have a good time. But when it's all over, allow us one to five business days to process why and how we just let that happen.  

Strike our interests, and you’ve got us hooked

Introverts and ambiverts can turn out to be some of the most talkative people you know. If you get us going, it’ll probably feel like we might not stop. Skip the small talk, most introverts and ambiverts just want to connect to you emotionally or not at all. I promise you I could care less about the weather, but if you ask us about our favorite book or album, we’ll return the favor. *Alexa play “The Start of Something New” by High School Musical * 

We are content

Dates with ourselves are a necessity. To us, nothing beats that car ride alone, enjoying our favorite book or movie night alone in our room. If we turned down plans to hang out, don’t feel sorry for us or think that something is wrong. It is not at all because we hate you or because we are sad, we just really want to binge watch Netflix, scream at the tv and eat whatever the heck we want in peace. 

Don’t give up on us because we kind of need you

You guys help us get out of our comfort zones. You guys let us rant to clear our minds. You guys tell us all your fun adventures and let our imagination run wild. When we exit our land of isolation and solitude, we need someplace to call our home away from home, and we know we’ve got it with you. Yeah after certain social interactions we’ll need to “recharge,” but also after certain periods of isolation we also need some social interaction. We need your energy, love, and company. 


Your favorite introverts and ambiverts 

P.S. No, I don’t want to go out this Friday night, but maybe next week! : )