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David Beckham Reveals his MLS Franchise Name and Crest

“THIS IS US. THIS IS MIAMI.” David Beckham has revealed the name of his highly anticipated new soccer league. After overcoming many obstacles during the past four years, the former England captain was proud to announce on Instagram that his dreams have finally become a reality. Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami is here!

Courtesy: www.itv.com


The black and pink logo is embedded with symbolic meaning throughout. The eclipse of the moon and sun represent the team’s determination that is relentless night and day. The herons represent freedom. Their interlocked legs which form an “M” signify their unbreakable unity. Lastly, the shield embodying the crest represents their strength and solidarity. Not just for the future players of this club but for the people of Miami, David Beckham is doing a wonderful job of uniting this city over the love of soccer. I think he perfectly captured our attitudes, perseverance, and most importantly style!

 “Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami is a name that celebrates the incredible energy of one of the most exciting cities in the world – one that is diverse, passionate and ambitious – a city that has welcomed me and so many others, so warmly,” Beckham said. “Our club will be a home for all – no matter where you are from or how you got here. This is just the beginning of our journey as we continue to build towards our first game in 2020.”

The future is bright for Inter Miami CF, as they are scheduled to enter the MLS in 2020. There is a referendum in November regarding the plans to build a 25,000-capacity venue at Freedom Park. With previous issues coming up about where to place their home in Miami, the location at Freedom Park is their top choice at the moment.

The MLS currently has 23 teams in its league. Plans of expanding its league are underway, and by 2020 the league will have grown to 26 teams. FC Cincinnati plans to join soon in 2019, and a Nashville franchise is expected to be introduced along with Inter Miami the following year.

Soccer fans all over the world are excited to see how far Inter Miami will go. So far, David Beckham is just starting his empire, and I’d say he’s blowing it out of the water! Never have I ever been prouder to represent my state, Florida and my city, Miami.

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