Dance Marathon at FSU Raises Over $400k in 26.2 Hours

At Florida State University, Dance Marathon is a pivotal part of campus life. Whether you are part of their internal team, a participant or know someone in it, it seems as though every FSU student is impacted by the organization in some way, shape or form. This philanthropic organization is the largest student-run organization on campus and in the southeast United States. To put it simply, this organization redefines boundaries and is taking the nation by storm. 

In their 25th year, DM at FSU is striving to break boundaries no other organization ever has before. Their fifth annual fundraising push, Florida Statement, is proof of that. These dedicated students set a goal to raise $400,000 in 26.2 hours, all For The Kids. Why $400,000? This is the amount needed to fund an entire year of the Child Life Program at Shands Children’s Hospital. This program is unique to Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals, which is one of the two beneficiaries of Dance Marathon at FSU.

Courtesy: Dance Marathon at FSU

This Child Life Program provides procedural prep and support, therapeutic support, distraction items and its one-of-a-kind Star Program. As a child facing pediatric illness or injury, it can be difficult to grasp the gravity of their medical situation or what exactly is being done to them during a hospital stay. 

“Without the program, many children within hospital walls would lack feeling comfortable and safe during the many procedures and hospital stays they have to go through to keep fighting,” said External Director Rachel Hernandez. “This year’s Florida Statement proved how #WeWillFight every day to continue changing pediatric illness!”

Through one-of-a-kind support from organizations like the Child Life Program, the 32 million kids that walk through the doors of a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital each year can be treated with the highest level of care possible, making their hospital stays that much easier.  

Courtesy: HSHS St. John's Children's Hospital

DM at FSU brought together the FSU student community for an exciting and eventful two days. “For me, Florida Statement is a symbol of hope,” said DM at FSU Marketing and Publicity Chair Madison Walsh. “Statement serves as a reminder of how much this movement means to the FSU community and beyond, and how we’re all a part of something so much bigger than ourselves.”

Courtesy: Taylor Williams

This year, the fundraising push took place on Landis Green from 9 a.m. on Nov. 13 to 11:12 a.m. on Nov. 14. 1,400 students participated in the fundraising push which culminated in an emotional reveal in front of Landis Hall. After 26.2 hours of fundraising and spreading awareness, the total reveal showed that DM at FSU surpassed their goal, raising $414,594.36. 

Executive Director and fourth-year participant, Taylor Williams, was astounded by the way the FSU community rallied together to achieve this goal. She stated, “The past 26.2 hours showed me that we, as students, can make an impact that not only changes the lives of the kids we do it for, but it also makes a tremendous impact on the services provided within the hospital walls.”

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