Curtsy: The App That Lets You Make Money For Having Cute Clothes

If you haven't heard of the app called Cursty, allow me to introduce you to your new favorite app. Curtsy not only allows you to rent out the clothes you have sitting in your closet but also allows you to pay a fraction of the cost to wear some absolutely gorgeous dresses. It is such an easy to use app and all you need to do to set up your closet is login (you can log in with Facebook to speed it along), post pictures of your dresses, rompers, tops, pants, gameday clothes and describe them (what size, what color, what occasion, how it fits) and then, poof, you have your Curtsy closet. This closet can be seen by girls all across your campus and there's even a recently updated feature that allows shipping so that girls all over can see your awesome clothes and decide if they want to rent your pieces.


With so many big events like formals, graduations, interviews, parties and more, it can be difficult to always be buying new dresses. However, we girls can’t let money stand in the way of having outfits that turn heads, and thus Curtsy was born.

The app was founded by the fabulous Clara Agnes who was in college at the University of Mississippi when the idea came to her. She realized the potential by which she could capitalize on the clothes she already had laying around all down Greek row. The idea that dresses are an investment and can make you some real cash is beyond brilliant. Borrowing from your friends is cool except everyone you know has seen those dresses already and Curtsy has a range of sizes that may not be available in your BFF's closet. 

Curtsy has all of your favorite brands from ‘For Love and Lemons,’ 'Parker,’ ‘BCBG,’ ‘Lovers and Friends' and many more. instead of paying $300 to rent a ‘For Love and Lemons’ dress, you can find one on Curtsy for literally $40. That is such a steal. Besides, if you bought one, you know you would probably only wear it once, post pics in it and let it sit in your closet. Also, if you do the math, let’s say you have a $300 dress that you wore once and have had sitting there in the back of your closet for months on end, imagine making money just to let someone borrow it for their big event and then bring it back to you. Talk about a win-win. 

Curtsy is super user-friendly on both ends. It's easy to post dresses and it’s easy to message girls whose dresses you are interested in trying on. It’s free to try on dresses so you don't pay until you are definitely going to wear the dress, romper or top. 

Also, since it’s a huge question, if you mess up the dress or your dress gets messed up, Curtsy has you covered for up to $1000 worth of damages.

Make sure to download this app and get your renting on!

All images courtesy of Curtsy.