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5 Easy and Fun Fall Desserts For People Who Think They Can’t Bake

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The second I feel a slight crispness in the air, I go entirely into fall mode. This time of year means big blankets, hot drinks, and delicious warm treats, and I don’t care if the Florida weather doesn’t agree. I will be wearing my sweaters proudly and beginning my yearly binge of Gilmore Girls in preparation for autumn. As it gets a little cooler (for Florida, at least), it’s also time to get baking; the season isn’t complete until my kitchen smells of pumpkin and cinnamon and is also covered in it. As a college student with limited free time, I’m looking for sweet treats that satisfy my fall spice cravings and are easy and quick to make. These five recipes are for the people who think they really can’t bake. I promise they’re simple and yummy baked goods that literally anyone can make.

Apple Butter Cinnamon Rolls

These are extremely easy to make and incredible to eat. There are a million recipes online, but all you really need is a jar of apple butter (you can also do this with Nutella or any other spread you love) and a store-bought package of cinnamon rolls. Simply unroll the cinnamon rolls, smear on the apple butter, and bake according to the package directions. Here’s a TikTok version of this recipe that looks amazing.

puff pastry pies

BOO-berry Hand Pies🫐👻 Flakey puff pastry with blueberry pie filling & lemon glaze! Vegan, gluten-free, easy & only 5 ingredients! GET THE RECIPE: Click the link in my bio or visit thelittleblogofvegan.com #booberry #blueberrypies #spookyfood #handpies #halloweenbaking #pastries #halloweentreats #spookyseason #trickortreats #puffpastry #ghosts inspo : @Practical Peculiarities

♬ Halloween ・ cute horror song – PeriTune

For this one, you’ll need store-bought puff pastry and your favorite jam. Cut two pieces of puff pastry into your desired shape and then layer some jam in between them. Use a fork to press the edges together, and then bake according to package instructions. If you aren’t the best baker, puff pastry is going to be your friend. You can do so much with it, and it’s almost impossible to mess up. Here’s a TikTok of someone making little ghost-shaped pies that would be super cute for Halloween.

bread pudding

This dessert is literally my holy grail for easy, warm, and gooey comfort food. It takes a little more effort than some of the other recipes on this list, but it’s so worth it. All you need is some stale bread, eggs, milk, butter, sugar, and cinnamon. Combine everything besides the bread in a bowl, cut up the bread into small squares, throw it into a baking dish, then pour your wet mixture on top. Then, you just put it in the oven and wait (somewhat impatiently) for your cinnamon goodness to come out. You can put your own spin on it by adding apples, blueberries, chocolate chips, or raisins. You really can’t go wrong here.

cinnamon apple pancakes

These Apple Dippers are a healthy way to have the flavors of apple pie for breakfast. Fresh apple slices flipped in pancake batter, fried to perfection, tossed into sugar cinnamon, then dipped in sweet maple syrup. All you need: Birch Benders Organic Classic Pancake Mix Apple Cinnamon and Raw Sugar #pancake #pancakes #breakfast #breakfastideas #recipes #food #foodie #foodideas #foodtiktok #healthy #healthyliving #healthyrecipes #vegan #veganfood

♬ Love More – Fiona Apple

This one is less of a baked good and more of a breakfast food, but I’m a big fan of breakfast for dinner, and these pancakes are so fall-coded. All you need is pancake mix, milk, cinnamon, sugar, and some apples. Combine the pancake mix and milk, cut the apples into circles, remove the core, dip them in the pancake mix, and then fry them in a pan. When they’re finished frying, throw the pancakes into a bowl with some sugar and cinnamon and lightly coat them before enjoying.

mini pumpkin pie

Ditching pumpkin pie this thanksgiving for these pumpkin cuties #pumpkinspice #pumpkinseason

♬ Weekday Morning Routine – Dominant

This recipe is probably the most complex one on the list because it has some ingredients you might not already have at home, but it’s the easiest pumpkin pie recipe I’ve ever found. It’s so delicious and will satisfy those pumpkin cravings that always pop up this time of year. You’ll need pumpkin spice, brown sugar, cream cheese, pumpkin puree, salt, and store-bought pie dough. Mix all the ingredients together and layer the filling between two pieces of pie dough. Press the edges down with a fork and bake according to the package directions. You can make them into cute shapes and sprinkle cinnamon on top for extra fall flavor. This Tiktok made the mini pies in a pumpkin shape, which is just adorable for the season.

These fall desserts are the perfect comfort treats for when you’re snuggled up on your couch watching your favorite comfort characters. The cinnamon, pumpkin, and apple flavors embody my favorite things about this season and give me this warm and fuzzy feeling. I know that I’ll be spending the next few months pampering my sweet tooth and embracing the tastes of autumn, and I hope that these recipes are just what you need to do the same.

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