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A College Girl’s Guide to Fangirling: A Look Into the “White Boy of the Month” Trend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Lately, it seems like fangirling has become more acceptable and even praised on the internet. 10-year-old me would be screaming. If you’ve been on TikTok, keeping up with movie premieres, or are active in pop culture in any capacity, you’ve probably noticed the “White Boy of the Month” trend. Periodically throughout the year, an up-and-coming, conventionally attractive white man has gone viral. Whether from his charm pictured in cinema, TikTok edits, or the fact that the celebrity is stupidly hot, these men have helped fangirls emerge this year. As someone with years of expertise, here’s my guide to being the best fangirls we can be.

1. Actually Find Him Attractive

Trends can fool us all; I’ll be the first one to admit that. Try to avoid getting too caught up in the thirst traps online. If I’m going to fangirl over someone, I always make sure that I truly find that person attractive. This way, I can truly advocate for them in discussions with friends and family (even when they tell me I’m delusional). If I have different tastes than my friends, and they bully me about my celebrity crush, that’s fine! As long as I find him attractive, I’m standing my ground.

2. Do Your Research

Do you know if they’ve been in any recent movies? If so, give it a watch. Have they been through a scandal in the last year? Find out so your man can be defended! Have you given them a Google search? If you’re going to be obsessed with them, you may as well actually know a little about them. A little background knowledge can go a long way in such a situation. Us girlies must be ready to travel enemy lines.

3. Walk the Line of Delusion Carefully

The majority of the time, I encourage my friends to be the most delulu we can be. However, I try to be careful with my words, so my loved ones don’t get too concerned. If one takes this fangirling journey too far, it may end unfavorably. So, boundaries! I try finding the appropriate settings to speak on these matters. With friends? Yep! Family? Sometimes. Random people… probably not. Maybe feel the situation out before bringing up an obsession (that may or may not be the healthiest). 

Looking at the “White Boy of the Month” phenomenon, I realize it’s odd to make people a trend and idolize them to the point of no return. Why do we become attached to these men so quickly? And why does the trend seem to change, end, or move on to the next white boy so quickly?

Though it seems this cycle of thirsting became popular after the Josh Hutcherson edits went viral last year, we must remember that the Timothée Chalamet (and Pedro Pascal) edits walked so that Jacob Elordi and Tom Blythe ones could run. TikTok has transformed how we see fangirling and celebrities, and it’s no coincidence that they seem more present in our pop culture this past year. 

Whether you’ve decided to take a step back from fangirling or use this guide to navigate your celebrity crushes, keep an eye out for what’s to come. It’s always interesting!

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Allysa Laufersky is a Sophomore at Florida State University. She is a Staff Writer at Her Campus FSU, and is currently majoring in Media/Communication Studies, while minoring in English. Loves dancing, "hot girl walks", music, film, anything pop-culture related, TikTok, taking photos, and being in the moment.