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The Coronavirus Pandemic is Changing How We Work

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The Coronavirus has brought upon panic and uncertainty for the people as more information is constantly given out. People are devasted by either losing jobs, no school-related events like commencement ceremonies or not being able to live their routine lives. This pandemic has America at a holt from businesses being closed, schools closed or moved online and people scrambling for essentials at stores. Some businesses are thriving online like Amazon while other businesses are putting their lives in danger by remaining in stores or healthcare industries. All of this may prevent retail, dining or traditional workplaces from ever re-opening because of this sudden shift from the real world to the virtual world increasing.

The economy will suffer dramatic losses from businesses with all the jobs disappearing. The amount of people that have filed for unemployment has increased dramatically since this pandemic has made everyone chaotic. Big events that made the economy flourish are now being canceled or postponed for another year. The economy is losing around $20 trillion from the closure of sports leagues, art venues, concerts and much more that America was and is not prepared for. Everything and everyone are picking up speed to try to stay afloat of this crisis, but it seems that we may be going through pandemic for longer than we expect. From the uncertainty and lack of trust in the President from fellow Americans, who can the people turn to?

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The pandemic has changed how people live their day to day lives. People are asked to do remote work from home if it is possible. Social distancing has become the top priority and hashtag to keep people safe. They are advocating people to keep their distance of six feet and groups of 10 or more to be minimized. They have encouraged Zoom, Facetime or Skype as a means of communication as well as a place for interviews. Just about everything is made to be online for children in elementary school to college students to go to class or work.

People have encouraged many interactive platforms online to keep people busy or inform the public. Doctors use an app to give live medical advice and artists have used their phones to go live on Instagram to give the people live-streamed performances for free since the crisis has intensified. People have been told to stay home in different states and counties. Some have a curfew and others are being forced to stay inside. The child-care workers, grocery store clerks, and much others risking their lives or adapting to the quick change may be able to get higher pay. Big companies like Dominoes are hiring 10,000 workers, CVS Health wants to fill 50,000 spots for employment, Starbucks is committed to paying workers for the next 30 days and much more. Things are changing little by little with companies doing their best even though all the confusion.

Many are looking at this stay at home order as a good thing to help people reconnect with their families and it is good for the environment. Others are upset about losing their jobs or not being able to travel safely. In the foreseeable future, we are looking to see the economy either improve or continue to fall. No matter if the future is not going on the right path, remain positive, wash your hands, social distance and stay up to date on the COVID-19.

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Hi, my name is Taylor Walker. I am a senior at Florida State University majoring in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. I love to write about my experiences and things I love. In my spare time, I make content for my Youtube channel called Taylor Renae.
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