Confessions of a Non-Sorority Girl with Sorority Friends

*This article does not represent the views of Her Campus FSU

Have you recently sat back and realized you’re in two group chats full of Greeks and you’re the only one not in Greek Life? You find yourself stressing out about who is going to be your best friend’s big or what your roommate is going to wear to initiation. Yeah, same, story of my life. My whole friend group is filled with sorority girls and my roommates are sorority girls too. Everyone decided to rush freshman year while I, on the other hand, decided to get a feel of college my first year. But being the only non-Greek in a flock of Greeklings has its pros and its cons. 

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1. Two words. Eight letters. And you’re depressed. RUSH WEEK. Rush week is probably the most depressing week of a non-sorority girl’s life. All you do is sit in your apartment or dorm from 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. binge-watching The Vampire Diaries or Gossip Girl waiting for your friends to come home.

2. *Walks past hot guy* *Hot guy waves and says hi to your friend*


Your friend: He’s my pomping partner.

You: Ugh, wish I had a cute pomping partner.

3. Talking to your friend’s sisters for the first time the conversation always turns into:

“What sorority are you in?”

“Haha. Uh, well, I’m not in one yet.”

Their response is always, “Oh.”

4. They are now forced to maintain an image at all times. So the friend you once “bummed it out with” is now leaving you looking like (what my roommate Erika would call) a sad thumb.


1. You don’t have to “pay for your friends” because your friends are paying for them for you. All your roommates and friends are all in different sororities so there is your access to all their friends as well.  You can spend the $3,000 you won’t be spending on a sorority every semester on more important things like shopping sprees, late night trips to Chick-Fil-A or Taco Bell and, most importantly, you can save for Spring Break. 

2. Having friends in sororities already kind of gives you a feel for the different sororities on campus. Even if you have only one sorority friend, they know about all the other ones too, trust me. So if you plan on rushing in the spring or maybe even next fall, you can have more of an insight on the different chapters than you would if you rushed coming right out of high school.

3. You can sit on the couch, put your feet up, shove down some Cheetos while watching Family Guy with your free time while your sorority roommate stresses about her required sorority modules and quizzes.

4. Your roommates and friends unwillingly opened up their own clothing store. Their closets are now filled with all these cute rush week outfits, social costumes, formal dresses and BIG T-SHIRTS. You won’t ever have to go shopping again, I’m telling you.

5. You can tailgate harder than football players play while your friend is canning during the Miami game.

As always, being the odd one of the group has some benefits and consequences. If you plan on rushing in the fall, good luck and much love to you. And if you never plan on joining, relax and enjoy your mixed life!