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A Complete Guide to All the Music that Dropped in March

Not only does March mean a lot of great FSU basketball, but this month has also brought us so much new music, including albums, singles and a certain beloved boy band getting back together. Here is all of my favorite music from this month that you have to check out now!

Sucker” - Jonas Brothers

Courtesy: Billboard

If you’ve been completely M.I.A. during the past week, or perhaps just live under a rock and haven’t heard, the Jonas Brothers are back together! “Sucker” topped the Billboard 100 charts at #1 only two weeks after they dropped their single. We can only hope and pray that their album will be coming to us soon.

What a Time To Be AliveTom Walker

Courtesy: The Modern Record

Tom Walker dropped an album full of pop and folky feels this month that I just can’t get enough of. Teasing with his releases of “Just You and I,” “Leave a Light On” and “Not Giving In” earlier this year, this album is sure to be a fan favorite and one that you can easily listen to all the way through without hitting pause.

Wasteland, Baby!– Hozier

Courtesy: Billboard

We’ve been waiting for this moment since 2014’s “Take Me to Church” – Hozier is finally back with an entire album! Wasteland, Baby! sticks to Hozier’s well-known and loved gospel, soulful rock sound, while gravitating toward an R&B meets blues vibe.

La La Land” - Bryce Vine, feat. Yg

Courtesy: CelebMix

Bryce Vine, the artist who earned his fame from the 2017 single “Drew Barrymore”,  is back with a new single that gives us major California summer vibes. Fingers crossed this means a new album from our pop- and rap-loving artist coming this summer!

u can still come over- Between Friends

Courtesy: New Noise Magazine

This newer band, based in Los Angeles, is made up of three friends who create tons of dreamy pop music that is perfect to jam to this month. The album, rounding up only four songs, is short, but by the end of it, you’ll surely have fallen in love with this group.

Sci Fi 1 - Dijon

Courtesy: The Fader

This sneak peek of what is soon to be a full album has soulful and beachy vibes wrapped up all in one. Dijon has dropped some singles in the past year, but this full album that’s coming soon is definitely going to be one we all need to listen for!

No New Friends- Sia, Diplo, Labrinth, LSD

Courtesy: Variety

This upbeat and techno EP has recently dropped, rounding up some of our favorite artists along the way! There are only six songs, one of which features a Lil Wayne Remix, but each of them provides a different twist and highlight of these great musicians.

I Can’t Get Enough” - Selena Gomez, benny blanco, Tainy, J Balvin

Courtesy: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is back with a single on which she worked with benny blanco, Tainy, and J Balvin. This exciting new collaboration, combining a Latin flair with electronic vibes, is one that we’ll be playing for a while.

Weezer (Black Album) – Weezer 

Courtesy: Rolling Stone

Our beloved guys are back with another album just two months after dropping their cover album, “Teal Album.” Their 13th LP provides a change-up from their last work, now providing a rock-meets-pop, nostalgic feel to their famous sound. Throughout the years, Weezer has proved that they will truly never fail us, so be sure to check out this new drop!

Missed Connection” – The Head and the Heart

Courtesy: Screener

This folky meets pop band gave us such a great song to blast in the car. Keep an eye out for their album which is dropping in early May.

BITCH (takes one to know one)” - Lennon Stella

Courtesy: IMP

Lennon Stella with the clap back! This sassy single is one which tells about a girl standing up for herself when a guy calls her a bitch. The track is perfect to jam to and also a perfect way to celebrate women empowerment!

King JamesAnderson .Paak

Courtesy: HipHopDX

This new release is giving us all of the summer vibes. If you’re looking for a jazzy, funky single to pump you up first thing in the morning, this is your song!

No matter what your taste in music entails, somebody has a new release for you this month! Any new drops we missed? Tweet us @HCFloridaState!

Anneliese is a junior at Florida State, majoring in Humanities and pursuing a career in Public Relations. Favorite drink: Iced Caramel Macchiato. Favorite Bachelor: Colton. On campus, you'll probably find her at Marching Chiefs Field or reloading her Starbucks card in Stroz.
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