CoM Connection: Upcoming Performances at the College of Music

Welcome back to CoM Connection, a bi-weekly column highlighting some of the upcoming concerts, recitals and performances at the College of Music! The College of Music hosts over 350 performances every year by its 1,000+ students. There are dozens of musical ensembles that each put on their own concerts and recitals, ranging from traditional orchestral music to gospel choir to Balinese gamelan. Whether you were in band all through high school or you can’t tell a clarinet from an oboe, the CoM has something for everyone. Best of all, almost every performance is FREE for students!

Instrumental Programming Mini-Concert – Monday, Nov. 25 at 7:30 pm, Lindsay Recital Hall

Ever wanted to watch a bunch of people play the violin…that don’t really play the violin? Now’s your chance! Instrumental Programming is a class for senior music education majors that prepares them for all the realities of teaching band in a public school – including the possibility that they’ll have to teach orchestra, too! Throughout the semester, they’ve been brushing up on their newfound string instrument skills. This mini-concert will feature a fun variety of developmental orchestral music, with each piece conducted by a different member of the class!

Courtesy: Instrumental Programming: Orchestra – Live in Concert!

Choral Union – Tuesday, Dec. 3 at 7:30 pm, Opperman Music Hall

Choral Union is FSU’s SATB choir that welcomes all students. This semester, the ensemble is directed by Dr. Michael Hanawalt and conducted by various graduate students. Their Tuesday concert will feature works by Johannes Brahms, Eriks Esenvalds, Felix Mendelssohn and former FSU faculty member Dr. Andre Thomas!

PRISM – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Dec. 3-6 at 7:30 pm in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall

If you only see one band concert at FSU, make it PRISM! PRISM is the most extravagant event that the College of Music puts on every year, with four nights of performances by dozens of student ensembles both large and small. The centerpiece of every PRISM show is a rousing performance by our very own Marching Chiefs (and yes, all 400+ of them can fit in the concert hall). I can personally vouch for how awesome it is; not only have I seen PRISM concerts in the past, but last year I actually got to participate when I was in Campus Band! Don’t miss it!

** TICKET INFORMATION: $20 each. Call the CoM box office at 850-645-7949 to reserve your ticket. Pro tip: Friday night is your best bet if you call 2-3 hours before!

Courtesy: Opening Nights FSU

Seasonal Celebration – Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 7 (7:30 pm) and Dec. 8 (6:00 pm) in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall

PRISM, but make it festive! If you’re a holiday fanatic, Seasonal Celebration is the choral extravaganza you don’t want to miss. Nine choirs and over 600 singers will be performing music to get you in the holiday spirit, and there’ll even be an audience sing-a-long or two!

** TICKET INFORMATION: $5 for FSU students with ID. Call the CoM box office at 850-645-7949 to purchase your ticket, or arrive early to the performance to snag a ticket at the door!

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