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Colton Underwood Wasted No Time on This Week’s Episode of The Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The best part of Bachelor nights, aside from the drama itself, is always, without a doubt Bachelor Nation’s response to what goes down. From making memes of the ladies to mocking their arguments, it’s quality content all around. The last two weeks brought some feud-filled episodes for all of us at home, and as expected, Bachelor Nation took over social media and delivered!

They had their jokes about Demi:


Courtesy: @jake_larson00 on Twitter 


Courtesy: @kristengbaldwin on Twitter

Their jokes about Hannah B.’s date night brain fart:

Courtesy: @addisonclarkk on Twitter

And jokes about the ABC Network in general:

Courtesy: @kathleen_hanley on Twitter

Last night’s episode is sure to produce some more meme-worthy moments, although the ladies were a little less confrontational and a lot more focused on Colton. Here’s the rundown for everyone who let the long weekend get the best of them and had to skip the episode to get that last assignment done!

The ladies were all still reeling from last week’s dates and conflicts. The first group date arrived and it was obvious that the contestants are starting to feel the pressure of the numbers dwindling down. The first group date card invited  Demi, Tracy, Kirpa, Caelynn, Katie, Courtney, Heather, and Hannah B. to sail the high seas with Colton. Their group date involved a jousting-style competition in which the ladies tried to knock each other off a pillar a few feet above the ground. Two ladies were chosen to face-off and “save” Colton: Tracy and Caelynn, and in the end, Caelynn saved him. Throughout the group date, tensions between Hannah B. and Caelynn were running high as ever. Caelynn winning the competition was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and Hannah decided that it was as good a time as any to let Colton know how she really feels about Miss North Carolina. Colton didn’t exactly appreciate the unclear message from Hannah, and he decided to go straight to the source of the conversation for the breakdown. Caelynn was visibly upset about any of the Miss USA drama being brought up, and while she received the group date rose, she wasn’t necessarily happy. She may have cried and been upset, but she kept it classy with everyone, including Hannah B. Oh, and Demi got the old run around from Courtney for interrupting her conversation with Colton in a nasty tone, but as always she took it all with a grain of salt!

Elyse was the lucky winner of a group date rose last week, and the recipient of the one-on-one date card last night! Colton took her to a small amusement park in San Diego, but they were not alone. Colton had a group of kids he works with through his Cystic Fibrosis Foundation join them for a fun day out. Let’s just say if Colton was testing Elyse’s future mom skills, he has nothing to be worried about! She was great with all the kids, and it was only a slight surprise when she revealed she herself participates in a children’s charity in honor of her sister who died during childbirth. This was a side of Elyse that Colton was happy to get to know, and she got her second date night rose in two weeks!

The second group date card invited the rest of the ladies minus Hannah G. to yet another competition. This competition involved a shirtless Colton and lots of working out. The ladies all had to work through endurance comps for the title of “Bachelor’s Strongest Woman,” and in the end, Onyeka took the trophy home. Everyone was in good spirits, and that’s why it shocked them all to their cores to see Caitlin go home for lack of a connection before the night was even over. They’re all starting to realize just how easy it is to go home, and it’s only episode 3. While they were all still reeling from Caitlin’s departure, Nicole got her first group date rose after opening up about family back in Miami. At least the night was a success for one person!

The back and forth Colton was hearing from Hannah B. and Caelynn, as well as sending someone home so personally, left Colton exhausted enough to replace the cocktail party with a relaxing pool party instead. This worried the already on edge contestants, and Chris Harrison’s “he already knows what he wants to do” did not help! Per usual, Demi warmed up to Colton first by spraying on his sunscreen for him. As the ladies were each trying to get their personal time in with Colton, the Hannah B. and Caelynn drama once again put Colton in a tough spot. He ended up cutting the whole day short after running to production with his predicament, and the rest of the contestants were not happy about it. When it came down to the rose ceremony, Caelynn was hoping he would send home Hannah B., and Hannah B. was worried that he just might do it, but alas she was not one of the ladies sent home. In the end, we had to say bye to some of our favorites, like fake Australian accent Bri, and queen of confidence Catherine but rest assured her legacy of drama will be carried on by the other ladies. Next week’s episode is taking the cast to Singapore, and it appears the Hannah B. and Caelynn fiasco will continue to unfold. It also looks like Demi will continue to be at the heart of problems for some of the other ladies, this time sending Courtney spiraling. We can’t wait for next week almost as much as these ladies can’t wait to get Colton alone!


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