Colorado Native Alanna Mottesheard on Her Transfer Experience

Name: Alanna Mottesheard
Year: Junior
Hometown: Golden, Colorado 
Relationship Status: Single 
Major: Biochemistry 
Courtesy: Alanna Mottesheard
Her Campus (HC): So how did you end up at FSU?
Alanna Mottesheard (AM): It was a fluke. I was vising my mother for her birthday last August and I talked to Dr. Hyson, a neurology professor at FSU. From the advice he gave me on prepping for graduate programs, I decided to transfer. I went to TCC for the first year and then switched to FSU; it all worked out. 
HC: So where did you go your first year?
AM: Red Rocks Community College. The classes were more rigorous than those at TCC, but I was with a lot of people I knew from high school. It didn’t feel right. 
HC: Did you have certain expectations when you transferred?
AM: I was just expecting it to be better than TCC. I chose to stay in Tallahassee because I had never seen anything like it before. 
HC: What do you mean?
AM: In my opinion, you have people here that fit perfectly into stereotypes. Coming from places like California and Colorado, I’m not used to that. It is very traditional here, with a lot of college kids that fit into different categories. Greek life, athletes - I wasn’t used to seeing something like that. 
HC: So, you view that as a bad thing?
AM: It can be a little frustrating. It’s just a different side of life that I haven’t seen yet. I’m not used to it. 
HC: So how has your time at FSU been so far?
AM: Honestly my first semester has been lonely. In a major like mine, it’s harder to socialize. We don’t have the time for it. It’s also hard to find common interests with people, especially within my major. You don’t have free time, you meet up to study and that’s about it. It can be difficult.  
HC: Have you joined any organizations on campus? Those always help!
AM: I am part of Habitat for Humanity and NUSA. I’m a general member but I’m looking into executive positions for next year. 
HC: Your major is known to be challenging - how have you been handling it so far?
AM: I have dyslexia; I even repeated the third grade. But now I am here and doing well. I’ve learned to teach myself. I learn differently than others - I start with a larger concept and break it down. That’s what works for me and I’ve been succeeding in my classes, which is something a lot of people in the major can’t say. But I work hard. It doesn’t come easy. 
HC: The stereotype is that science majors are male-dominated - do you find that to be true?
AM: It depends on the science. Chemistry and physics seems to be more male-oriented. It’s enough that it’s noticeable. But, biochemistry doesn’t seem to have that problem. 
HC: What is the best memory you have made at FSU so far?
AM: We had just finished chalking for Habitat for Humanity and we thought we’d see if anyone was playing frisbee on Landis. We asked to join a group and they said yes. Doing something with a bunch of strangers was fun and easy. 
HC: What do you miss most about Colorado?
AM: The hiking, the mountains and ctually getting cold weather at night. I don’t miss snow, but I do miss 60-degree days.

Courtesy: Alanna Mottesheard

HC: Tallahassee will get there soon! You seem to move around a lot, so where do you want to go when you graduate?
AM: Possibly San Diego if I get into the medical school program there. I would get my PhD there, but, I wouldn’t stay afterward. I don’t like living in one place longer than seven or eight years. I just have a huge sense of wonder. I like feeling out of place and being exposed to new cultures. By living in different areas, you nestle into different cultures. That’s when I want to leave and learn something new. See something else. 
HC: You must have a lot of study spots, which one is your all time favorite?
AM: All Saints! It’s open 24 hours. 
HC: You enjoy cooking - what meal are you most proud of?
AM: Easter dinner of 2012. I made beef wellington, potato au gratin, and caramelized and sautéed julienne style vegetables. It was the best dinner I’ve ever had!
HC: If you have a free day, what do you do?
AM: I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with myself! An ideal day would probably involve a trip to St. Augustine. I like taking day trips to see new areas.  
HC: Do you have a quote to live by?
AM: Live free or die trying. It’s so cheesy but the more I think about it the more I realize that’s how I live my life. 
HC: Favorite movie?
AM: Spirited Away. My childhood was anime and I grew up with a lot of people from Asian cultures. I even began picking up some of the words.  
HC: If you could read a book about your life, would you choose to read it?
AM: God, no. That sounds so depressing. 
HC: Current music obsession?
AM: 21 Pilots. They’re always stuck in my head.
 Courtesy: Alanna Mottesheard