Cocokind: A Revolution in Skincare

As a teenager, I was dealt a very bad hand of hormones regarding my skin. For years, I had constant breakouts and deep cystic acne that required painful facials far too often. In addition to the acne, I had very sensitive skin which reacted horribly to the harsh acids generally found in acne washes. I tried every Neutrogena, Clean and Clear and dermatologist-prescribed product on the market, but still could not prevent the breakouts. Finally, thanks to my friend in Arizona, I found out about California-based Cocokind!

Cocokind is a cruelty-free skincare line using only natural formulas and essential oils to create their products. Many of their products are also certified as vegan, with the exception of a few products containing certified organic beeswax. Cocokind has created a variety of products from toners to highlighters, but the products I love the most are their oil-based cleansers! Believe it or not, these cleansers have nearly eradicated my acne and smoothed previous acne scars. Oils used such as lavender, avocado, tea tree and rosehip oil have cleansing as well as restorative properties for a healthy cleanse. Cocokind also has a gentle baby care line, chlorophyll bath bombs/facemasks and the game-changing brow balm. And get this: these all-natural products have a long shelf life of 18 to 30 months and they range in price individually from $9-$25. Finally, quality organic skin and body care with an affordable price tag.

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Beauty shouldn’t be complicated, and Cocokind agrees! Instead of using product after product with no results, Cocokind produces short videos and blog posts explaining how to best use their products for a variety of skin types. The company even goes above and beyond to dissect the leading causes of acne and how water temperature affects your skin. From natural products to researched blog posts, Cocokind cares about your skin.


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Cocokind is not only a fantastic skincare company, but they have a greater mission beyond their products. The Cocokind Impact Foundation provides financial grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 to women business leaders in sustainability, wellness, and health industries. Cocokind works alongside Philanthropic Ventures Foundation (PVF) to help female entrepreneurs build their businesses and expand their social missions. Applicants for this grant must be U.S. residents, over 18 years of age and have companies that have not yet accrued “institutional capital” yet.  Cocokind went from obscurity to popularity in recent years, but there are still many fledgling companies that need real exposure to make an impact. Cocokind Impact Foundation can give the guidance and resources needed to begin that impact.

Your skin type is like a thumbprint in regard to its uniqueness. I cannot guarantee that Cocokind’s products will yield the same results I experienced, but everyone can benefit from clean, natural skincare regardless. Much like we nourish our bodies with fruits and vegetables, we should be nourishing our skin with rosehip and coconut oils.

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