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Coach Pillow Tabby: First IT Bag of the Year

As spring starts to kick into full gear, an unexpected brand has been at the forefront of every fashion girl's wish list: Coach. We can thank TikTok for that. TikTok fashion is certainly a nice blast from the past with major inspiration from Y2K. The styling videos on the platform are based on characters from early 2000s films such as Mean Girls and Clueless. With their tube tops, butterfly clips and platform booties, the late 90s and the early 2000s have this generation in a chokehold in the best way possible.

TikTok has become an app that allows anyone and anything to go viral, and the Coach Pillow Tabby bag is no exception. The TikTok video by Trisha Smith calling it the bag of the year has garnered over 32,000 likes. It has caused the bag to sell out twice, reminding everyone how great of a brand Coach is. Staying true to its name, the Coach Pillow Tabby bag is reminiscent of a pillow. The genuine plush Nappa smooth leather comes with a short strap to wear over your shoulder like every early 2000s celebrity and a long strap to wear as a crossbody bag. The $495 bag is available in five colors: pink, cream, black, dark green and a pastel lime green. The mini version, which was recently made available on April 15, is priced at $395.

The reinterest in Coach was definitely not on my 2021 bingo card but it is also not surprising considering the rise of everything early 2000s. We are seeing many bags wore in that era make a huge comeback like Fendi Baguettes, Louis Vuitton Murakami, and Dior Saddle and Lady Dior bags. This results in these designers rereleasing these bags as they ride off of the nostalgia hype. If there is a demand for your product, you may as well supply it.

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However, Coach differs from their competitors since they haven’t rereleased any of their old bags. Instead, they have developed a new bag that still appeals to the nostalgia of the Y2K aesthetic but is innovative enough to feel new. The “C” logo on the front has given this bag a classic look for everyday wear, making it a worthy investment. This sets Coach up to really make a statement and reestablish their brand to young consumers since they have not been seen as “cool” for many years.

Coach started to lose popularity around the early 2010s when they began opening outlet stores throughout the U.S. They filled them up with cheaper bags, making them more accessible to the average consumer. This accessibility made the brand lose their luxury prestige as their wealthier clients became less interested in their more expensive bags and started to opt for their competitors. This left Coach to be known as an older and cheaper brand that was once popular.

Fast forward to now, Coach is having a major moment with this bag that is now known as the first It bag of the year. This bag is beloved by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez to fashion influencers and is taking over my Instagram, TikTok and YouTube feed. I’m excited to see Coach leap into the spotlight again and see what they have in store for the rest of the year.

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Ananda York is a Floridian writer of Jamaican descent. She loves Fashion, Beauty, Social Media, and Entrepreneurship and is currently coming up with a way to combine all of those into a major.
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