Clutch Magazine’s Creative Director Shares Her Inspiration

Name: Julia Klein

Hometown: Delray Beach, FL

Year: Junior

Major: Marketing

Minors: Communications and Psychology

Relationship Status: Single

Courtesy: Julia Klein

Her Campus (HC): What are your duties as Creative Director?

Julia Klein (JK): My main job is coming up with an overall concept for the magazine as well as executing all photo-shoots start to finish. There are five total photo-shoots, so I have to make sure that all of the different director’s concepts are consistent with the main direction of the magazine. I also work with the Editor-in-Chief every week to manage the staff and plan upcoming meetings.

HC:  How did you first get involved with Clutch?

JK:  I first got involved with Clutch through Mia Lepp, who was the Creative Director back in 2015. Mia was like a mentor to me, she even helped me figure out my major. She also suggested I try out Clutch Magazine as a way to get involved on campus and so I interviewed and received the position of Fashion Assistant.

HC: What positions led up to you becoming the next Creative Director?

JK: So I started out as the Fashion Assistant in spring 2016 and then I became Fashion Director in fall 2016. From the beginning I was always interested in the Creative Director position because I love photography and being creative. So when the opportunity came, I took it and have since then never looked back!

HC: How do you get inspired when creating a magazine concept?

JK: For this semester’s magazine, I first looked at the season’s trends overall and worked with my assistant to bounce ideas back and forth. Then, instead of creating a set theme we went with a mood so all the other directors could get as creative as possible when planning their concepts. I have always believed that everyone reaches their full potential when they are not creatively limited.

HC: What makes Clutch different than other on campus magazines?

JK: Clutch is different for so many reasons! Clutch has been FSU’s premiere fashion magazine for 11 years now. We have been around for a lot longer than most on-campus magazines. That history definitely makes us stand apart. Also our parent company is the FSU chapter of the Collegiate Merchandising Association (CMA) so the support we get from them makes us that much stronger.

Courtesy: Julia Klein

HC: What is your favorite part of Clutch?

JK: My favorite part would have to be the collaboration aspect. I love our meetings when we are article brainstorming, pitching ideas or going through each director’s concept. I truly love the mixture of creative people and working with everyone’s different ideas.

HC: What is the best way to get involved with Clutch magazine?

JK: The best way to get involved is by going to CMA meetings because they go hand-in-hand. At the end of every semester we put out interview sign ups and CMA members get priority.

HC: How would you describe your personal style?

JK: I would say I’m pretty plain Jane. I don’t really know how to put a finger on it but simple classic things are my favorites. 

HC: What else are you involved with at FSU?

JK: I am also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, but most of my free time is dedicated to school, work and of course Clutch. I currently work at least 12 hours a week at TLG Real Estate Services.

Courtesy: Julia Klein

HC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

JK: Honestly, I recently decided I want to move to Atlanta, I think New York is a little overwhelming but I definitely want to work in a big city. Whether it will be working on a magazine, some type of a brand agency or as long as I am doing something with communication or marketing, I think I’ll be happy.

HC: How do you see Clutch playing a role in your future career path?

JK: It already has at this point. It has already shaped my professional side. It has taught me how to manage people, organize my time and it has also allowed me to open up my creative side again. Overall, it’s just been a really great way to prepare me for working with other people on a daily basis.