Up Close and Personal with DeYonté Goodman

Name: DeYonté Goodman

Major: Studio Art, Focus on Printmaking

Age: 20

Year: Junior

Relationship Status: Single

Her Campus (HC): How are you involved on campus?

DeYonté Goodman (DG): I’m involved in several things across campus from Campus Recreation to Sustainable Campus, University Housing, even Alpha Phi Omega and Quidditch.

HC: If you could start a new organization, what would it be?

DG: If I could start a new organization it would probably be a service organization that focuses on the children and mainly keeping the Arts in schools. Also promoting being healthy and fit.

HC: What does being a Seminole mean to you?

DG: Being a Seminole to me means chopping whenever you hear the Warchant, running around full of love and pride that you go to Florida State. It also has this certain feeling that makes you feel elite or as if you have something important to uphold, like a tradition of some sort. Basically it means everything, something I can’t put into words.

HC: Favorite memory here so far?

DG: Probably doing the Undie 500 with Alpha Phi Omega. I don’t know why, but that’s like something I look forward to doing every year.

HC: What are the top three things on your bucket list?

DG: To sky dive, go to a gun range and graduate college.

HC: If you wrote a book, what would you name it?

DG: I’d probably name it “The Mind is Weird & Life is Awkward.”

HC: You’re going out with your friends on Friday night and you’re in charge of the plans. Where are you taking them?

DG: Depending on the Friday, likely First Friday! So much to do there and so much to see.

HC: What food is your weakness?

DG: Chicken Parmesan.

HC: Spirit animal?

DG: My spirit animal is a panda!