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Circus Celebrity and More: Kamal Zebib

In class, I overheard someone telling everyone that FSU’s Flying High Circus would be having their very first performance starting on Friday, and that we should all attend! I thought to myself what an incredible and unique experience to be a part of any college’s circus, let alone FSU’s! Impressed by his consistent high energy every Monday and Wednesday at 9:30 AM and astounded by his involvement in the circus, I decided that this was someone I definitely wanted to talk to. I present out Campus Celebrity of the week, Kamal Zebib!

Her Campus (HC): So, what’s your background and how did you get to FSU?

Kamal Zebib (KZ): I was born in Carcas, Venezuela. I was there for 8 years of my life [before] my family decided to move to the States. I landed in Westin, Florida. Learning English was tough, but with the help of my family I caught up with the children in my grade and did well overall in middle school, and high school. When I got accepted into FSU I knew it was the right choice. Visiting the Hogwarts-like campus only reassured my decision.

HC: I know you said you’re in the Flying High Circus here at FSU! How did you get involved?

KZ: I was walking by the club expo at [the] Leech, not even paying much attention to my surroundings, and out of the corner of my eye I saw the circus club table. I glanced at it for half a second, immediately followed by a representative saying, “You look like you wanna join the circus!” I looked at this stranger with amazement and replied, “Yeah… I think I do.”

HC: [Laughs] Sounds like it was destiny! What are your acts in the circus?

KZ: Currently, I perform in hand-balancing and quartet adagio. There are a lot of different roles that I have to [play] with my two performances. In hand-balancing it’s more important to act stoic and stay as firm and controlled as possible [and] maintain a firm and controlled body. While in quartet adagio, I have to be an upbeat character [and] catch a girl in mid-air and use her as a jump rope! Both are my favorite. [laughs]

HC: Wow that’s unbelievable! What other extracurriculars or interests have influenced and aided your circus career?

KZ: Well, I’ve been swimming since I was six year old, and continued all the way up into high school, and a little bit of college. I was also casted in many musicals from when I did drama in high school and was involved in thespians as well. I also just love to dance! It’s like whatever type of way you’re feeling, you dance it out. I’d say all of this has really contributed to my performances on and off the stage.

HC: So you guys just had your first performance! How did you feel about it?

KZ: The moment I step into those lights, I don’t know, it just feels exhilarating. My heart starts pounding and I become another person. It’s not a feeling that can be described. I recommend every person reading this to try it for themselves. [laughs] The circus has not only become my second home, but a place to escape the tensions of school and the stresses of everyday life. We performed really well! Definitely put on a good show for our first audience.

HC: Are you involved with anything else at FSU?

KZ: Yeah, I actually tutor for Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Calculus, and Spanish at the ACE Learning studio.

HC: Wow sounds you’ve got a lot of your plate. What’s your major?

KZ: Well... about that. [laughs] I recently had a change of heart to what I wanted to become and what I wanted to do with my life. In one week I went from taking organic chemistry and getting A’s across the board, to making videos and having absolutely no criteria. [laughs] That’s really how it happened. So I switched from Exercise Science, to digital media production, making videos. They only accept 30 out of 1300. Some things just happen for a reason. I got the reason to do it, that’s my reason.

HC: You’re living proof that we all don’t have to make such quick decisions, life isn’t so determinative! As a sophomore now, where do you think we can expect to see you after you graduate?

KZ: I actually just got an internship with Viacom, and as far as after graduation, I’m not too sure. But you can expect to see me doing the exact same thing I’ve been doing: working hard, trying new things and making my life worthy of being a great story for others to enjoy while I tell it through all the accomplishments that are to come!

An active member in the Flying High Circus, tutor of all subjects that students dread, and perfect example of the truth that we don’t need to make such quick decisions in our early college years, Kamal Zebib has earned his title as Campus Celebrity! Be sure to check out his acts while the Circus is still going on!

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