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Chris Brown Released After Arrest for Rape Allegations

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Lil Dicky, if you were planning on waking up in Chris Brown’s body, now is probably not the ideal time to do so. 

Last Monday night, Chris Brown was taken into custody by the police for narcotics offenses and charges of aggravated rape.

A 24-year-old model, whose identity remains anonymous at this time, told Paris police that Chris Brown and his friends had taken her back to their hotel, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, after meeting her at a nightclub. The woman then told police that she noticed drugs in the room, and was eventually forced into a small room by Chris Brown. She recounted an assault that occurred for around thirty minutes. She continued to allege that she was raped by one of Brown’s friends and his bodyguard. The truth value of these statements in unknown.

On Tuesday, after being released, Chris Brown frantically looked to social media as an outlet to deny the allegations. The same evening he was released, Brown composed an Instagram post in all caps to declare his innocence:




Courtesy: @tijmusic


The post was deleted soon after.

Most are aware of the altercations that occurred between Chris Brown and singer Rihanna. Their highly publicized relationship appeared rocky to fans. After assaulting his girlfriend of six years, he was sentenced to five years of probation with community service despite pleading guilty to the charges.

Rihanna allegedly had a surprising reaction when she heard about the accusations that surfaced recently. According to HollywoodLife, Rihanna feels “horrible” about the situation and she “knows how much Chris has matured and changed.” Her support has shocked fans online.

A popular figure who took the side of Chris Brown during his most recent arrest was singer Justin Bieber. On social media, Bieber was very supportive of Chris Brown. On an Instagram post of Mr. Brown dancing inside of the studio, Justin Bieber commented: “No one can touch you ur the goat.”

The backlash Justin Bieber received for this comment was substantial. People who had been previous fans of Justin Bieber were replying angrily through the computer screen, telling him to “delete,” saying that he was “canceled,” and accusing Justin Bieber of “supporting a rapist.” Justin Bieber has yet to respond to any of the hate comments. 

But as of recently despite the drama, Chris Brown has been released as the Paris police had issues with the accuser’s story. No further charges have been filed against him. Brown and his lawyer have decided to press charges against the accuser, filing for a criminal defamation lawsuit.


Courtesy: Pinterest


An Instagram account known as @blackpyramidofficial supporting Chris Brown is now selling t-shirts with the same picture that Brown originally posted on his Instagram. These black shirts with the phrase “this b**** lyin’” on printed across the front are on sale on their website for $38. The image has gotten criticism from those against Brown’s release and Brown’s post has been laughed at and criticized across social media.

Courtesy: @blackpyramidofficial



Corrine Bresky is a first year studying criminology and psychology at Florida State university. She is from Port Charlotte, FL, the hometown of the most retirement homes (or at least that’s what it feels like to her). She is often compared to the famous actress Kathryn Hahn, and Corrine can often be found rollerblading ferociously between her classes.
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