Check out FSU's New Innovation Hub

Courtesy: Innovation Hub

In mid-February, Florida State unveiled its Innovation Hub located in the School of Information Technology, giving FSU students and staff an entirely new space to create and develop ideas. The Innovation Hub was founded by the Office of the Provost, School of Information, College of Communication and Information, FSU libraries and the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship. This space replaces the Goldstein Library in the Shores Building as the central place for students to meet, collaborate and bring dreams to life through various technological aids. The Hub’s mission is “to enable students to discover needs, imagine opportunities, design solutions and share experiences in an innovative, collaborative and entrepreneurial environment.”

After swiping a valid FSU ID, enter the main collaboration space filled with a collection of wheeled tables, chairs and whiteboards designed to allow students to spread out, move around and work on concepts with one another. The perimeter of the main space is lined with glass offices, study spaces and labs in which users can meet with groups to work on a project or learn to use technology ranging from 3D printers to virtual reality devices.

The Hub’s features include a virtual reality lab, digital fabrication lab, design and hacking lab, group and individual study rooms, a pitch room and collaborative technology for use, including interactive multi-touch displays and a personal media production booth. Coming soon are a porch and a café for students to hang out and discuss designs in a relaxed setting.

Not only does this space have every tool you need to develop a prototype of your idea, it also allows you to test and pitch it to faculty members or local businesses through high-definition projectors and video conferencing. The Innovation Hub promotes networking, aiming to connect “FSU students, faculty and staff from across disciplines with each other, campus resources and the local community through onsite and online information and activities,” according to the Florida State website. Local businesses can partner with the Innovation Hub, allowing companies to scout future hires while students benefit from meeting with Tallahassee’s various tech-based businesses.

While crossing Landis this week, be sure to stop in and check out the Innovation Hub after class. Whether you’re an individual or a student organization, this space is open to all, regardless of major. For more information or to make reservations for study or program rooms, visit