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Chantal Pinilla: Transfer Student and Travel Enthusiast

Name: Chantall Pinilla

Age: 20

Year: Junior

Major: International Affairs

Hometown: Miami

Relationship Status: Single 

Courtesy: Chantall Pinilla

Her Campus (HC): How did you end up at FSU?

Chantal Pinilla (CP): I always knew I would come here. I didn’t like UCF or UF and I loved FSU.

HC: Is being a transfer student hard?

CP: Yeah because I have to figure out things a lot later than most freshmen. It sucks that I’ll only be here for two years and not four.

HC: Are you getting involved on campus?

CP: This first semester I recently joined Camp Kesem. I really wanted to lay low and just get the hang of things. 

Courtesy: Chantall Pinilla

HC: How is Tally different than Miami?

CP: Everything is so close here; the people are so different, the way they speak. Oh, and people don’t kiss on the cheek here. When I first met my roommate, she hugged me and it totally caught me off guard. It was a huge bear hug.

HC: Tell me about your study abroad experience?

CP: This past summer I studied abroad for six weeks in France. I was originally supposed to go to Paris, but I ended up loving where I went (Nice, France). It was right on the ocean and the people were so nice. 

Courtesy: Chantall Pinilla

HC: Where would you want to travel next?

CP: I became super good friends with some Australians during my time studying abroad. Hopefully, I will be able to go to Australia and meet up with them.

HC: What’s your dream job?

CP: Anything that allows me to travel and be in different places. Obviously, I would want to settle down after like 10 years and have a family.

HC: What’s one place in Tally that you want to explore?

CP: I haven’t been to the FSU Rez yet, but would love to do that while it is still hot outside. I love anything related to the water, so paddle boarding or canoeing would be so fun.

HC: Tell me about your trip to the Dominican Republic!

CP: I went to the DR for nine days with a program called Blue Missions and we helped build a water tank for a small community. I was in the middle of a mountain where only 50 families live. It was the best time of my life. There was no electricity, I was given one bucket a day for showers and it was so eye opening. 

Taylor is a sophomore at the Florida State University. She enjoys Thai food, sunshine and when guac doesn’t cost extra. If you can’t find her around campus she is most likely in bed watching Parks and Rec on repeat. She is on the eternal search for the indie bearded Chuck Bass & is currently accepting applications. She has (finally) chosen to pursue a degree in Editing, Writing, and Media!!
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